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Alive, Comfortable, and Friends: GAYmer trans @trans_gaymes Following I've dated two cis gay guys, both of whom weren't into vaginas. One just told me he wasn't comfortable with them in a sexual way, I told him that's fine and it was never a problem in our relationship. The other one, however... 10:20 PM-11 Dec 2018 16 Retweets 78 Likes GAYmer trans@trans_gaymes 17h The other guy purposefully used this against me. He asked me out KNOWING that I'm trans, then a week into our relationship, said he could never be happy with a "biological female", and that we HAD to have an open relationship, which I wasn't comfortable with. GAYmer trans@trans_gaymes 17h I told him I wasn't comfortable with an open relationship, but he insisted he couldn't date me and be happy otherwise, so I gave in and agreed. At the time, I didn't see how fucked up this actually was. I didn't realize until after I broke up with him. GAYmer trans @trans_gaymes 17h After I broke up with him, he sent death threats against me to my friends. When reported these threats, he insisted that I was trying to force him to be sexually attracted to me. Which is the exact opposite of what happened GAYmer trans@trans_gaymes 17h I would have had no problem with him not being into me that way. But instead, he made his own manipulation against me look like I was the one manipulating him. And I was blamed for him threatening my life, and he faced no consequences for that. GAYmer trans@trans_gaymes 17h So that's how I know that the "trans people are trying to force people to have sex with them" claims are wrong. Because l've personally lived through being demonized by them. And I'm lucky to have made it out alive, because he really would have killed me if he had the chance.