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Birthday, Community, and Lesbians: maireddog: Mark Ashton died on this day, the 11th of February, in 1987. Mark was born on the 19th of May, 1960 in Oldham, but grew up in Portrush, Northern Ireland. He moved to London in 1978, where he worked in a bar in King’s Cross, in drag as a barmaid with a blonde beehive. In the 1980s, he volunteered for London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard, campaigned for CND and joined the Communist Party, becoming the first gay secretary of the Young Communist League. Though Mark transformed the Party’s approach to LGBT rights, he and Mike Jackson, who he’d met through Switchboard, wanted to be active as openly gay people. They formed Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) when they collected donations for miners on strike at 1984 Gay Pride. In the evening of 1984 Pride, a miner spoke at a rally, and they were struck by the similarities between the two struggle, of LGBT rights and the Miners’ Strike. Having collected about £150, they advertised a meeting in Capital Gay. 11 people turned up and from the meeting they made a leaflet to launch LGSM - the leaflet was accepted except with an amendment to ‘one in ten miners is gay.’ As LGSM, they supported the miners as lesbian and gay people. At the second meeting, they decided to focus on one community, of the Dulais Valley, as one of the members, Hugh Williams, was from there. They then met David (Dai) Donovan, who also had thought through the similarities of their struggles and how LGSM could help. A month later, 27 lesbians and gay men, arrived at Onllwyn village in Dulais Valley. Other than some hostility (and confusion towards vegetarianism), they experienced warmth, friendship and solidarity. LGSM raised £20,000 for families of miners on strike, and based on The Sun writing that “a group of perverts” were “supporting the pits,” they organised the Pits and Perverts concert in December, 1984, headlined by Bronski Beat. The miners marched with LGSM at Gay Pride in 1985. Mark was admitted to hospital on 30th January, 1987, and died 12 days later from pneumonia, aged 26. At his memorial, there were banners from the Communist Party, Anti-Apartheid, anti-nuclear, Caribbean and community groups, as well as from LGSM. The Mark Ashton Trust was created to support individuals diagnosed with Aids; Mark is also remembered on the UK Aids Memorial Quilt and by Terrence Higgins Trust, with the Mark Ashton Red Ribbon Fund and a plaque at their London headquarters. In 2017, on what would have been his 57th birthday, he was honoured with a blue plaque above Gay’s The Word bookshop. [Images: 1. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1981. 2. Mark Ashton at Gay Pride 1985, wearing a LGSM t-shirt and holding a pink “Communist Party” banner with the words “pinko commie queers.” 3. Blue plaque reading: “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. Mark Ashton 1960-1987. Political and Community Activist. LGSM met at Gay’s the Word bookship on this site 1984/5.”]
Bad, Bodies , and Chicago: Luke Savage @LukewSavage - Follow Just in case you needed further evidence that neoliberalism is a dehumanizing dystopian nightmaree Golden Fistbump Mary Chicago Shout-out to all the impressive Lyft parents out there - like Mary, a longtime Lyft driver who was still on the road at nine months pregnant. When contractions persisted, she headed to the hospital but not before RETWEETS LIKES 4,893 8,316 Luke Savage @LukewSavage Follow Under the twin banners of "efficiency" & "innovation" Big Tech is launching capitalism's final offensive against our bodies and our souls RETWEETS LIKES 175 4:07 PM- 7 Dec 2016 Luke Savage @LukewSavage * Follow Shades of this in here: University of Toronto Boasts about Homeless Star Student In what world is a top university student having to live in a homeless shelter treated like a success story? Welcome to Canada in 2015. canadalandshow.com RETWEETS LIKES 34 53 4:08 PM-7 Dec 2016 Flea Beast @plasticisfood Follow @LukewSavage TACO @tacobell BELL Live Más Scholarship winner Ricarda works 60 hrs/wk as a student w/ cerebral palsy. A Busy schedule can't stop her. RETWEETS LIKES 53 116 4:44 PM-7 Dec 2016 Luke Savage @LukewSavage Following @plasticisfood Holy shit LIKES 24 4:45 PM- 7 Dec 2016 cuzdickisadick: reversingtheirrevocable: burningtolive: cordolia: destroy capitalism. Wait… Am I supposed to think that it’s bad that people are overcoming major hurdles in life to be successful? No, you’re supposed to think it’s bad that cases of underprivileged people being forced to push themselves to extremely unhealthy extents due to the constraints of this terrible society are being celebrated and used against other underprivileged people as an excuse to call them lazy. THATS NOT EFFICIENCY THATS THE OPPOSITE There’s a certification called “Six Sigma” that certifies you to be able to go into any field with the knowledge and ability to increase productivity and efficiency, and NO ONE LISTENS TO THEM ANYMORE Here’s a picture of a section that blew me away as I was not expecting for this to be explicitly said: Money is a DEMOTIVATOR! The more your workers are worried about money the less productive they are. It’s been studied for year after year. ALL of these things are obvious, but rarely implemented. If anyone is curious as to how Motorola survived the recession that hit us after Bush? BY NOT REDUCING PAY, AND CONTINUING TO TREAT THEIR EMPLOYEES A CERTAIN WAY Even though their financial advisors said they would lose millions of dollars for the next quarters, the CEO refused and pretty much said “I don’t care what we lose at this very second, or the next year. You’re trying to save the company 2 million dollars, and that’s nothing. We’d make that back quickly. But by continuing with the plan we’ve been doing, this company will still exist in 10 years. If not it won’t. I’m not cutting pay, or vacation time.” And it worked. Capitalism has been fed to us for years through propaganda and misinformation and this is why we are where we are.
Apple, Saw, and Sorry: dramarising Dear artists.. No, Fm not going to link back to your page. I edited out your ugly signature too I paid for the art. It is mine. Don't worry, this does not mean I take credit for drawing it. When people ask if I drew it, I say "Nope." When people ask who did, I say, "Sorry, I don't remember. Just because I bought your art does not mean our profiles have to be linked forever. It's the same if I buy an apple from the grocer. I don't have to keep the sticker on it or tell people where it came from. I'm not a walking advertisement for your shop. If you want credit so badly,then I should get a cut of your tuture profmts for my part in the advertising I know I'm probably going to get the wrath of whiny, entitled artists for this, but I don't care. I won't be making a shrine around their art dedicated to them. I paid for a service, and now we should go our our separate ways! littleliongod: hkluterman: toyourliking: I saw this post on my dash (with commentary, dw) and there was one thing that I didn’t see addressed in the comment chain that I really feel needs to be Once an artist creates a work, they own the copyright None of this “I paid for the art. It is mine.” bullshit, unless the artist actually sells you the copyright (something which has to be stated and never assumed, and something you would have to pay extra for) you can not claim ownership over the piece, even if you paid for it. And yes, this means you can not alter the work in any way, you can not use it for banners/advertisements/etc., you can not print it, you can not sell copies unless agreed upon with the artist and artists are also protected under moral rights meaning that the artist has the right of attribution (the right to be identified and named as the creator of their work), the right against false attribution, and the right of integrity. (Source) so fuck off with your “I paid for the art. It is mine.” crap, it doesn’t stick legally Reblogging for important information. Artists, you have legal rights to your work by default. Don’t let your clients bully you. Buying art is not buying the rights to the art. You CAN sell the rights to art, but I’m sorry to say,op,  it involves a signed agreement from the artist to waive all rights. It also adds another zero to your price tag. As much as op wants to think commissioning art is like buying a bowl at the dollar store and prying the ugly flower off the side, the world isn’t quite that fluffy in your favor.