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Click, Fucking, and Tumblr: service@paypal.com [Your Summary Statements] Recent Transaction Update: Your recents payment processed can't completed . Your Payment Processed Has Been 1:17 PM service@paypal.com <paypal-communications@notification.accountsupport-suspicious-email-access-account-locked3987209782404756792345webappsemailonedrive.mǐ Reply IV 圈^ m ., Today, 1:17 PM PayPal Your Payment Processed Has Been Declined Dear Client This is part of our buyer protection program. We're concerned that someone is using your account without your knowledge. Recent activity from your account seems to have occurred a suspicious or under cirumstances that may be different than usual. Please check that no one has logged in to your account without your permission. For more information, Please log in to PayPal and see the section limited. Review Y0иґs Accounts After we review your documentation, we'll email you regarding the status of your PayPal account. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you need further assistance, please click Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page. Sincerely, PayPal amphiaria: amphiaria: this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actually proofread the fucking thing I probably would’ve clicked that button actually please reblog this because someone else got it too. do not click on the links in this e-mail if you get one like it, just forward it to spoof@paypal.com and delete it

amphiaria: amphiaria: this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actua...

Children, Christmas, and Dude: Kotaku @Kotaku Follow Meet the 19-year-old who spent over $10,000 on microtransactions bit.ly/2jE8P2n 8:50 AM-3 Dec 2017 49 Retweets 117 Likes 29 t 49 117 asynca: tallerthanatitan: punished-rainy-days: Remember what I was saying before about how microtransactions are geared specifically to exploit addicts and “If you don’t like it don’t buy it” isn’t an argument? @asynca Thank you for @-ing me.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a specialist problem gambling financial counsellor. This means that I’m specially trained, qualified and experienced in aiding the rehabilitation of people struggling with problem gambling, and working with people who are affected by others’ problem gambling protect themselves and rebuild their lives. I spend 30% of the hours of my day job working with these people.  I’m going to make a very bold statement: micro-transactions with a ‘chance’ element are gambling. They are what is called an ‘embedded gambling element’ in a game. They may be a ‘softer’ form of gambling than sitting at a poker machine, but they are gambling. They normalise gambling to children (which has been shown to lead to problem gambling). They groom future problem gamblers, and they exploit people who have neurochemical imbalances (ie, depression). There is a very, very strong link between gambling and mental illness.  People who gamble in games are more likely to susceptible to current and future gambling problems. I’m going to focus on lootboxes in Overwatch, because it’s the game I know the most about. I also know a lot about how poker machines are psychologically designed to be highly addictive, specifically exploiting known psychological triggers to reel people in and keep them spending.  Poker machines ‘tease’ you with near wins which provide you with the same adrenaline and dopamine release as an actual win.  Overwatch lootboxes do the same - you know that feel of seeing a purple/gold coin flipping in the air??? OMG! Is it going to be THAT THING YOU REALLY!!!!-oh.  Bright colours, exciting lights, the visceral feel of pushing the button/spinning the wheel is important to addiction. Blizzard has does the same with lootboxes - by vibrating your controller. By shaking the camera. By having the lootbox rATTLE AND EXPLODE!!!! with your reward. The sounds and specially engineered to build excitement and tensions and remind you of wealth. The ‘coin’ system of the lootbox reminds you of wealth. This is all super deliberate - it’s not a mistake. Using subconscious cues like exploding money boxes!!! the sound of money, the shape of money - that’s likening the process to a lottery.  While it’s quite unlikely someone could actually spend ENORMOUS amounts of money chasing that ‘jackpot’ (the skin they really want for their character, for example), it is possible. HOWEVER, it’s much more likely that the person will have this sort of reward system normalised, will find the element of chance ‘exciting’ (because, dude, we’re psychologically engineered to be more interested in ‘chance’ events than certain/impossible events), and seek out and enjoy other similar passtimes. Like actual gambling with real money.  Every time you gamble, you change the structure of your brain. I’m not exaggerating. Every time you take a chance on that lootbox, you flood your brain with adrenaline and dopamine. The presence of those two neurochemicals changes the density of the receptors of them minutely. After a few boxes, it’s unlikely you’ll become addicted. However, if you keep doing it, your receptors change density so that you need more adrenaline and more dopamine to get the same excitement and pleasure from the hit.  Worse, this rush of adrenaline and dopamine is much, much more addictive to people with mental illness (or a susceptibility to mental illness), as the presence of these chemicals is a very unhealthy (but unfortunately effective, at least in the extremely short term) way of medicating mental illness. Unfortunately, because of the escalating changes in receptor density, it eventually makes mental illness much worse in the long run. There is a strong link between gambling and suicide.  Compare your first lootbox with the lootboxes you get now. Are you getting the same enjoyment? Nope.  Think how many times you bought 11 lootboxes…. only to buy another 11 and another 11 and another 11. It becomes mechanical, pressing that button, opening another lootbox. Kind of like sitting at a poker machine.  Think about how normal the lootbox system seems now.  Chance-based gambling reward systems in games are dangerous, and should be replaced either by work-and-reward systems (you get 10 credits per level, and you can spend these on rewards of your choice), combined with micro-transaction-based currency for people who do not have the time to commit to leveling 300 times for that epic Christmas skin.  Remove chance. Just remove it. 

asynca: tallerthanatitan: punished-rainy-days: Remember what I was saying before about how microtransactions are geared specifically to exp...

Anaconda, Bailey Jay, and Food: How smart are you?.....A lady walks in the store and steals $100 bill from the register without the owners knowledge. She comes back 5 mins later and buys $70 worth of goods with the $100 bill. The owner gives her $30 in change, how much did the owner lose???? A. $30 B。$70 C. $100 D. $130 E. $170 F. $200 DO NOT OVER THINK IT! Again do not over think it... Yes. With the same 100. Cause it's already missing. Then your till thinks u took in another 100. But u gace 30 back. Trust me... t's 130 then. They sent me to a class to learn how to steal. Lol Like Reply 18 hrs But what it the stores net loss? When all is said and done they are out the $70 worth of food, and the $30 cash, for a total of $100. The store ultimately got the $100 bill bachk Like Reply 3 hrs Nope cause the 100 was taken out of thw drawer. So that makes them automatically 100 short b4 the theif even shops Like Reply 1 hr But after she leaves they have the $100 back. She doesnt have it anymore Like Reply 1 hr Doesn't matter. It's already gone. So there's 100 n then she uses the 100 n gets the 30 back. But 70 of items. So the person drawer is gonna b 130 short. N the store as a whole is 200 short as a whole in the end Like Reply 1 hr Lol no Say you have a $100, $20 and $10 bill, for a total of $130 cash. Now let's also say you are selling an item for $70. Between the cash and the item you are in possession of $200 worth of stuff She steals the $100 bill, so now all you have is See More Like Reply 1 hr 200. Point blank. 100 was rang threw the pos n then another 100 which is still missing. Come to my work n i can show u how as in play money like teaching a 2 yr old. I have been a sm for years. Thats how it works on a corp world Like Reply 9 mins She spent the $100 she stole to get the $70 item and S30 cash. After that transaction the store has the original $100 she stole and she no longer has it at that point. All she has walking out that she didn't have walking in is the $70 item and $30 cash... See More Like Reply 5 mins She walks put with only 100. The cashier is out 130. The store is out 200 Like Reply 3 mins N the register thinks they took in 200 because they took the 100 what was already rang in. Then rang it again n doesn't have the other 100. So that means a fired employee Like Reply 2 mins How can you think that is possible? It is basic algebra When you add to one side it is because an equal number was subtracted on the other side. How can she walk out of the store $100 richer because of her actions, yet the store is somehow $200 poorer because of her actions? Like Reply Just now Lmao.. Hope u never have to run a store. Ask another person cause i am done dealing with u. I have described it over n over Like Reply Just now The store took in that $100 from someone else, sure But at the end of the day the store still has that $100 but is short ofa $70 item and $30 cash Like Reply Just now memehumor: They gave a few answers, but never C

memehumor: They gave a few answers, but never C