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Apple, Baseball, and Bless Up: u/MMorks 21h i.redd.it Yes, I sits comfortable like this Now u all know I love to use this platform to discuss serious issues. That don't make me popular but I'm not concerned with popularity. I'm concerned with creating dialogue. With that said I want to take this moment to discuss a serious issue we face as a human race, which is cancer. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. It can develop in a woman breasts, in a man's prostate, anywhere. And, if not detected early and treated, it can kill u. Today I would like to focus on a specific form of cancer that is wreaking havoc on us while we sit and watch and I see NOBODY doing anything about it. And that cancer is the song Despacito. Bruv. Is u kidding me? First I heard this song as a suggested hit on Apple Music. Not gon lie I gave it a couple listens and may have een danced a little. Low key? That "besito besito" kissy kissy shit is festive. But bruv. Bieber remixed this sh!t and now it's on all the radio stations. Went to my Kurdish homie crib over the weekend and the DJ played the Arabic version - THIS MF SAID "baseeta baseeta" ("easy easy"). People lost they damn mind. Had to go hide in the bathroom with ear buds in playing A Boogie just to cleanse my palette 😖. Watched my homie's snap he's in Iceland right now and one of our bro's was playing the ukelele for a bunch of Icelandics in the forest and HE SANG DESPACITO AND THE ICELANDICS WERE SINGING ALONG. THE VIKINGS AINT DIE ON LARGE SAILBOATS OF MALNUTRITION ON THE WAY TO DISCOVER MINNESOTA FOR THIS SHIT. With that said I beg u. If u have a playlist with Despacito, delete it. If u Jewish and u having a bar mitzvah for yo son Joshua, play anything. Play Taylor Swift. But I beg u please do not let the goofy black DJ in the sparkly True Religion baseball cap and tight black suit from Express with a Janet Jackson head set on spin Despacito. AND TO ALL MY ARABIANS. YALL ARE ON NOTICE. I OPPOSE THE MUSLIM TRAVEL PLAN BUT KEEP PLAYING ARABIAN DESPACITO AND I WILL START SUPPORTING IT ON THE BASIS THAT WE'RE KEEPING OUR COUNTRY SAFE AND I MEAN THAT SHIT. Only u can stop cancer. I beg y'all. Let's lock arms and FIX THIS. BLESS UP 🤗😂😂😂