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Ass, England, and Family: THEPAKISTANIMARTHASTEWART Silsila yeh Fuckboy ka Soooo lets talk about SLB's Devdas, we've all seen it. The amazing actors, the amazing sets, the gorgeous costumes and extravagant everything. Now just like I've ruined kuch kuch hota hai. I'm going to ruin Devdas for you. Let's forget about the fact Devdas isn't a romantic tragedy about star crossed lovers. It reeks with misogyny and patriarchy if you dissect the dialogues and screenplay from start to finish. But let's talk about the f*ckboy Devdas. I used to think he's a tragic romantic hero. Seeing him now, he's a violent, emotionally and physically abusive, obsessive, controlling, misogynistic, a coward and a straight up assh*le. He and Paro are childhood friends who are torn apart when his father sends him away to law school in England. He comes back years later and visits Paro and insists on seeing her before his mother. This mofo from this moment for the next scenes of the movie is leading her on, they have "romantic" scenes and such, he even goes as far to promise he will marry her to his grandmother etc etc. Now his assh*le family rejects the idea of marriage when Paro's mom mentions it. They reject it because they believe them to be over lower class and humiliates her. Now dumbass Paro ends up showing up to Devdas's room in the middle of the night still believing in him and that he will stay true to his love and such. Devdas's father catches the two, and not once does he stand up for Paro, is too cowardly to make a stand for the girl he "loves". And leaves the city. This mofo goes to a courtesan (chandramukhi), where Chandramukhi begins to admire him and he insults her for her being a "tawaif" and a second class person. Like who the hell are you Devdas 🙄. He sends a letter to Paro telling her to forget him, their love wasn't real (coward ass mofo). He comes back realizing his mistake, and she is getting married to a rich widower arranged my her mother who is richer than Devdas's family as a clapbackfor their insults. This mofo actually has the audacity to ask her to elope, when HEEE didn't stand up for her in front of his parents, when HE runs away and when HE SENDS her a letter ending their relationship. He had the audacity (continued in comments)