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Being Alone, Bad, and Brains: swanjolras gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering "is there anybody out there and hoping and guessing and imagining because we as a species were so lonely and we wanted friends so bad, we wanted to meet other species and we wanted to talk to them and we wanted to learn from them and to stop being the only people in the universe and we started realizing that things were maybe not going so good for us-we got scared that we were going to blow each other up, we got scared that we were going to break our planet permanently, we got scared that in a hundred years we were all going to be dead and gone and even if there were other people out there, we'd never get to meet them and then we built robots? and we gave them names and we gave them brains made out of silicon and we pretended they were people and we told them hey you wanna go exploring, and of course they did, because we had made them in our own imagee and maybe in a hundred years we won't be around any more, maybe yeah the planet will be a mess and we'll all be dead, and if other people come from the stars we won't be around to meet them and say hi! how are you! we're people, too! you're not alone any more!, maybe we'll be gone but we built robots, who have beat-up hulls and metal brains, and who have names; and if the other people come and say, who were these people? what were they like? the robots can say, when they made us, they called us discovery; they called us curiosity; they called us explorer, they called us spirit. they must have thought that was important and they told us to tell you hello 247,040 notes built in our image

built in our image

Donald Trump, Driving, and God: gay victim soul @tragicgay Whenever I see news about how SNL or John Oliver or John Stewart "destroyed" Donald Trump my mind instinctively goes to this Vonnegut quote "During the Vietnam War, every respectable artist in this country was against the war. It was like a laser beam. We were all aimed in the same direction. The power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high." - feathersescapism: Every time I see this quote I realize how poor even very smart people are at looking at the long game and at assessing these things in context. One of my favourite illustrations of this was in a First Aid class. The instructor was a working paramedic. He asked, “Who here knows the stats on CPR? What percentage of people are saved by CPR outside a hospital?” I happen to know but I’m trying not to be a TOTAL know it all in this class so I wait. And people guess 50% and he says, “Lower,” and 20% and so forth and eventually I sort of half put up my hand and I guess I had The Face because he eventually looked at me and said, “You know, don’t you.” “My mom’s a doc,” I said. He gave me a “so say it” gesture and I said, “Four to ten percent depending on your sources.” Everyone else looked surprised and horrified. And the paramedic said, “We’re gonna talk a bit about some details of those figures* but first I want to talk about just this: when do you do CPR?” The class dutifully replies: when someone is unconscious, not breathing, and has no pulse. “What do we call someone who is unconscious, not breathing, and has no pulse?” The class tries to figure out what the trick question is so I jump over the long pause and say, “A corpse.” “Right,” says the paramedic. “Someone who isn’t breathing and has no heartbeat is dead. So what I’m telling you is that with this technique you have a 4-10% chance of raising the dead.” So no, artists did not stop the Vietnam War from happening with the sheer Power of Art. The forces driving that military intervention were huge, had generations of momentum and are actually pretty damn complicated. But if you think the mass rejection of the war was as meaningless as a soufflé - well. Try sitting here for ten seconds and imagining where we’d be if the entire intellectual and artistic drive of the culture had been FOR the war. If everyone thought it was a GREAT IDEA. What the whole world would look like. Four-to-ten percent means that ninety to ninety-six percent of the time - more than nine times out of ten - CPR will do nothing, but that one time you’ll be in the company of someone worshipped as an incarnate god. If you think the artists and performers attacking and showing up people like Donald Trump is meaningless try imagining a version of the world wherein they weren’t there. (*if you’re curious: those stats count EVERY reported case of CPR, while the effectiveness of it is extremely time-related. With those who have had continuous CPR from the SECOND they went down, the number is actually above 80%. It drops hugely every 30 seconds from then on. When you count ALL cases you count cases where the person has already been down several minutes but a bystander still starts CPR, which affects the stats)

feathersescapism: Every time I see this quote I realize how poor even very smart people are at looking at the long game and at assessing th...

Big Dick, Church, and Dad: liamdryden a-wild-haggis a-fragile-sort-of-anarchy Someone told my ex-dad (not a sex thing; he just disowned me) that I'm trans and now he's threatening to come to work and make a scene, and I know I should be upset, but like. What's he gonna say exactly? And to whom? Because imagining a haggard and likely shitfaced Pennsylvania construction worker barging through the grocery store like, "HEY!!! THAT BROAD-HIPPED 5'3" EFFEMINATE KID WITH THE CONSPICUOUSLY BIZARRE NAME WHO SPEAKS IN A CARTOONISHLY AFFECTED CARICATURE OF MASCULINITY AIN'T GOT NO DICK!!! YOU GONNA BUY SCRATCH OFF TICKETS FROM SOME KINDA DICKLESS ABOMINATION??" is wild. What's it going to accomplish? Or is he gonna call my manager? "HELLO, I'D LIKE TO REPORT A FRAUD IN YOUR DELI DEPARTMENT. THERE IS NOT SAUSAGE AS ADVERTISED." What the fuck a-fragile-sort-of-anarchy Odds are he's more embarrassed of having a trans ex-kid than I am of being outed at work, so what if I go to his job and tell everyone I'm trans first? What then, coward? grimthetransman That's such a power move dualclock This is exactly the struggle I'm having with my own mother right now and honestly? i sort of did that, but at the church i grew up in. my mom was like "oh so what if i tell the whole church youre trans" as if she had forgotten that nearly everyone who goes to my church is actually gay, like elderly retired gay couples, so i was like "haha okay," and told everyone. And lemme just say, watching a 5'2", 87 year old gay man stop my mother mid-sentance to say "Actually, I think he prefers to go by Aiden now." was the BIGGEST dick energy ive ever seen Source: a-fragile-sort-of-anarchy 168,671 notes That old man has real big dick energy
America, Church, and Driving: PRAY FOR US SINNERS JACKSON #10 :00CHRISTIAN BAPTIST SUN. SERVICE 9:30 AM&11:00 AM SUN. EVE. 7:00 PM PASTOR: COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS REPENT CHURCHES CHRISTIAN FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH oFTHE BRETHREN EVANGELICAL METHODIST zephyrantha: glamourcat28: theexistentiallyqueer: saathi1013: stonecoldfemme: sonneillonv: copperhamster: conquerorwurm: banana0042: maybeware: fantastigasmical: kaci3po: watergender: psychicdictatorship: the aesthetic of american far right christianity is horrifying run-down signs screaming about hell in the middle of nowhere is my aesthetic though You don’t know true pants-shitting fear until you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, not a single sign of civilization as far as the eye can see, haven’t seen another living being in three hours, and then out of nowhere suddenly looms a half-destroyed barn with the words “HELL IS REAL” painted on what remains of the roof. I’ll be honest, you could say most of these were from a horror game and I wouldn’t doubt you.  Implying America isn’t a horror game lately. America isn’t a game. It is just a horror. Visible from i-40, between Interstate 40 and old Route 66, the Groom, TX cross Englewood Ohio @saathi1013 #i feel like you would appreciate this YEP. hey so fun fact about that last one it’s located right by the I-75 highway and anyone driving in or out of cincinnati could see it from the road and it was horrifying the first time i saw it because i felt like i was about to die. the statue was called king of kings, but i only ever heard it referred to as touchdown jesus. just imagine yourself kicking a football through those lofty open arms…..ohio 1, satan 0. in 2010 touchdown jesus was very sadly struck by lightning and burned down, possibly because so many heathens were calling him touchdown jesus and imagining playing football with the lord. or possibly because that’s just what happens when you build a giant styrofoam and fiberglass statue next to an artificial pond on a hill in the middle of rural ohio. fortunately our good friends down in englewood have contingency plans for god’s wrath and the end of the world, so they built a new statue named lux mundi. unfortunately, lux mundi is not as amped to play football. but he does look like he’s down for hugs. RIP, touchdown jesus. we miss you. 😢 The skeletal remains of touchdown Jesus is one of the more horrifying things I’ve seen. The line “heathens were calling him touchdown Jesus and imagining playing football with the Lord” is hilarious to me because one of the most pervasive Christian summer camp/“get the kids excited” songs is called My Father’s House and talks about Heaven as a great vacation destination, and everyone’s favorite line is “It’s a big, big yard where we can play football! TOUCHDOWN!” And yes, please do imagine several hundred kids getting more excited about playing football with God than literally anything else that week.