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Chris Pratt, Clothes, and Dude: W prattprattpratt Following 411k likes 2d prattprattpratt Finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted. #passengersmovie view all 3,327 comments jessicascully2 @_nicolescully who_gabe Puts gogogander @itgetsbitter soooo00 hot alison.y Not cool dude I wanna see her face sohamdeb0410 @thecynicalcinephile ha_elwicho Yoh I'm actually proud of you for not including her entirely in your photos stay faithful man. Hahaha f.a.aponte @alexpayares_15 this better not become a thing...... areetashf Yah dicrop @hanifaannafi_ ev3lynsouza se baraham92 @kavleiahdelsol lol look at Add a comment... O o o W prattprattpratt Following 340k likes 1d prattprattpratt Just hanging with my bestie Jen. #passengersmovie view all 1,423 comments serenadavidson1 @emlwilliams marschaef @mattbloom19 ashdsabo @catestultz jessicascully2 @_nicolescully love him raindrop_18 @vkirts sohamdeb0410 @thecynicalcinephile ellarobase Hahaha trop drôle ! @canutimes mandiborgia @lexiborgia griselda_buera areetashf Dicrop lagi @hanifaannafi jamaican_bacon1 zecartn @areetashf lol itu bukan di crop Add a comment... O o o prattprattpratt Following PASSEN 235k likes 1d prattprattpratt Here Jen and I pose with @elrubiuswtf view all 3,963 comments ripdemons YAS july_rogers MIS 4 ÍDOLOS JUNTOS MORI selina.tang I don't think J. Law has actually made it INTO any of the photos you say she's been in G lauren_jauregii WHAT lauren_jauregii Wait lauren_jauregii iwillmoonyou @ster_themolester @lewis_bim LOL LOOK AT ALL HIS RECENTS IM DEAD sr.andrew890 Wowowoowowowoowowo wowoowowowoowowowo stephmckay0 Add a comment... O o O prattprattpratt Following 270k likes 9h prattprattpratt Another day down with me and my best buddy Jen. #London #passengersmovie view all 1,846 comments dcrenick @prattprattpratt you are seriously the best flavia_selicani Deixa a Jeniffer Lawrence aparecer em uma foto por favor allyyz1 Omg these pictures pursehunter00 So funny beyonddmoonn Hahahahahaha erinnyr He's married people!! They're just doing a movie together lol sarabyerz Haha florencia_m.p Nótese como le corta la cara en las fotos jajajajajajaja me encantan @lulu_balzano @floremarchese pj_sriram I love that he keeps cutting her Add a comment... O o o prattprattpratt Following 163k likes 4h prattprattpratt Me, #JenniferLawrence and @jamieoliver backstage at @thegrahamnortonshow promoting a film called #Passengers coming soon to a theatre near you. Can't believe I got to meet the naked chef!! He was wearing clothes, but still!! view all 1,423 comments its_jamie_dornan THE FULL PHOTO PLS CHRIS! m.oni.ca @bayOda lol these crack me up megh.lily I LOVE THIS SO MUCH sabinagurrieri @eugegurrieri jajaj ves serenityandthetardis Love how all these pics are of only like HALF of #jenniferlawrence s face haha nabilahlallana WHEN WILL IT BE AIRED??? ANYONE?? iackaaaaaaa_ AH STOP CROPPING HER Add a comment... O o o entertainmentweekly: Chris Pratt keeps cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of all his selfies, and it’s SAVAGE. 

entertainmentweekly: Chris Pratt keeps cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of all his selfies, and it’s SAVAGE.