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A Dream, America, and Bad: Friday 5:52 pm Нey Hey how's it going? X Pretty good you? Not too bad. Just haveing a relaxing Friday night tbh. You up to much? Nope just did chores and now making some food and will relax Sounds like a good Friday night to me. So what are you studying at uni? Doing my masters in occupational therapy Oh sweet. You in your final year? just started I've just gotten out of uni. Graduated this year. I'm originally from Scotland so moved down for a grad job. Oh nice! So how long have you been in for? Ithink about 7/8 weeks Sweet. I've been here for about 3 months now. How you finding it so far? Ahhh nice! Not too bad So where abouts in Canada are you from? Vancouver Been to America but never Canada. Would love to go some time. What did you get up to over there? Lots of sports, hanging with my dog and getting outside Today 2:18 pm Any sports in particular? I really like basketball. Was great to see the Toronto raptors wining it Today 2:58 pm Yes curling, softball and Pickleball. Nice Would like to have tried ice hockey tbh. Always looks good fun, but a bit painful at times. Yeah I skate a bit but never played hockey I've heard it's pretty much a religion in Canada. Don't know how true that is tho. It's pretty true My brother did say it was when he was there a few weeks ago. So what all have you been up to lately? Not too much mainly school You got exams and all that fun stuff coming up soon? No our course is all assignment based Oh, what a dream! I wish my degree was like that. Spent too many a coffee fuelled night in the library because of them. Ahhh Yeah my last degree was like that but I'm happy there are no exams I don't have to get exam anxiety What was your last degree? I did two as well. Dropped out of the first one. Did chemical physics and thought sod this after two years. I did my bachelors in kinesiology What's that? Never heard of it? Today 4:19 pm Study of human body and human movement Ah that's pretty cool. Must say, my back is killing me at the moment. Well can't really do anything for you Na it's not physically hurting, more metaphorically as I've been carrying this conversation. Sent Type a message GIF When you’re carrying the conversation. I think I ended it pretty well. What do you think?

When you’re carrying the conversation. I think I ended it pretty well. What do you think?