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Boo, Books, and Facts: who started world war 2 QAll images Videos Books News More Settings Tools About 74,300,000 results (0.71 seconds) Adolf Hitler- Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org wiki Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler (German: [ adolf hatlel (listen); 20 April 1889-30 April 1945) was a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP) He rose to power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and as Führer in 1934 Mr. Krabs Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot Political party Nazi Party (1921-1945) President Paul von Hindenburg (1933-1934) Parents: Alois Hitler, Klara Polzi Death of Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler Sexuality of Adolf Hitler Klara Hitler Former Al Quaeda Terrorist Wikipedia Born: April 20, 1889, Braunau am Inn, Austria Images for adolf hitler Died: April 30, 1945, Berlin, Germany Height: 59 Service years: 1914-1920 Books View 20+ more HITLER'S SECOND BOO More images for adolf hitler Report images LERS kamp Adolf Hitler | Biography, Rise to Power, & Facts | Britannica.com https://www.britannica.com biography Adolf-Hitler Hitler's Hitler's Table Talk Last will Letters and Mein Adolf Hitler, bymame Der Führer (German: "The Leader"). (born April 20, 1889, Braunau am Inn Austria-died April 30, 1945, Berlin, Germany), leader of the Nazi Party (from 1920/21) and chancellor (Kanzler) and Führer of Germany (1933-45). He was chancellor from January 30, Kampf 1925 Secret and Notes Book 1961 1951 testame.. 1945 1973 1933 Spongebob me boy