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This gave me the shivers. by -Tinsky- FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.: Thread Shen the Bird @Shen the_Bird Never thought l'd be one to make long threads, but I need to tell someone about the most terrifying thing that's ever happened to me. 8 weeks ago, I was working in private security as a guard for multiple contracts. My most frequent was for a manufacturing plant. I'm (1/10) 11:00 AM 25 Feb 18 N 59% 2:05 PM Thread Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d gonna guess everyone already knows, but the pay was awful, and the hours were worse, which is why I thought a lot of guards, even supervisors, would just quit without telling anyone. No word, no notice, just gone the next day. Because of this, corporate decided to (2/10) 5 t 56 751 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d give me a bunch of extra hours at this manufacturing plant. They made greeting cards with what looked like endless floors of deafening machinery. I would monitor cameras, but I mainly worked as first aid and made routine patrols around the 60,000 square foot facility. (3/10) 1 724 t 55 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d You would think they'd have more than 1 guard for this site, but my company just had such a shortage of employees. That night, 8 weeks ago, I was actually covering for a friend. I'd worked with him for about a year and hung out few times. Something important must have come (4/10) 59% 9 2:05 PM Thread Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d up, because he never missed a shift, especially without even calling. Anyway, the night that it happened was New Year's Day. The people who worked at the manufacturing plant were off for the holiday, but I still had to come in to patrol the building. Normally, I would (5/10) 3 t 55 700 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d never cover someone's shift on a holiday, but I needed the money. So, at 11:30 PM, I arrived for my overnight shift, and the plant workers left, one by one until I was completely alone in that gigantic building. I sat at my desk watching cameras for a bit, but nothing was (6/10) 4 706 t54 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d gonna happen, so I took my eyes off the screen and started sending condescending texts to the guard that didn't show up. After no response, noticed something in the corner of my eye on the computer screen. Most of the factory lights were off, so the image wasn't clear (7/10) 59% 2:05 PM Thread Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird-1d Let me insert: I know now that there's nothing wrong with being scared, but I didn't frighten easily. I looked closer at the cam image but the huge machines casted a shadow over that...thing. I got up, took out my flashlight and headed to the old elevator. As it descended, (8/10) 2 726 t 53 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d you could say l worried for the other guard. I decided to call him. When the elevator doors opened on the dark factory floor, the usually bustling machines stood dormant. It was totally silent until I heard a phone ring. I quickly hung up my own and pointed my flashlight (9/10) 1 t 53 705 Shen the Bird @Shen_the_Bird 1d down the long clearing but the ringing stopped. Before I realized it was the other guard's phone, I saw his mangled, bloody body, standing and staring at me. When dropped my light, it illuminated blood- writing in the floor that spelled out the first word of each of these tweets This gave me the shivers. by -Tinsky- FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.

This gave me the shivers. by -Tinsky- FOLLOW 4 MORE MEMES.