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Bad, Complex, and Dude: 1:42 PM Tweet Alexandra Erin Retweeted Audrey @Turbocrit Gamer dudes are wild they'll play a game about overthrowing a corrupt monarch but if there's 1 gay character in it then it's "too political" 8/25/17, 1:50 PM 4,764 Retweets 11.6K Likes Audrey Turbocrit 14h Replying to @Turbocrit Not to mention the whole "having a gay/trans character in a high fantasy setting is completely unrealistic. Also here's some dragons" thing 8 237 829 WC @Hexy27Bernie1 7h Tweet your reply definitelygayrpgideas: definitelygayrpgideas: thesallowbeldam: kirinandvlindertje: vaishino: atomic-darth: pupperoni-pizza: didntfitthenarrative: mitch-turn: Sweet generalization. It’s not about whether a character is trans or gay. Gay characters make sense. People have been gay for millennia. Trans however. Not the case. In a high fantasy setting, how in the balls are they going to perform surgery where they change the sex of the character??? It makes no sense at all. They’d have to explain it. And remember, this is high fantasy, Game of Thrones is also in that category. This is a time where they would reach into your body with an object strikingly similar to a salad tossing spoon to yank out a small piece of arrowhead. Pretty sure they hadn’t figured out a surgery as complex as a sex change… The people complaining that there aren’t enough gay/trans people in stuff like this are just as bad if not moreso than the people who complain about gay/trans people being in stuff like this. Create your own fantasy world filled with nothing but gay/trans people. Make it so that being heterosexual is the minority. All the power to you. Good luck trying to create it. You don’t have to have surgery to be transgender. Lots of transgender people don’t. Transgender people, people who identify with the gender not corresponding with their birth sex, have existed before the surgery. And the existence of and recognition of a third sex or dual sex existed in pre-modern times in lots of places are the world.So, for one, your “how in the balls are they going to perform surgery“ question doesn’t actually matter. They don’t need to in order for transgender people to exist.But if they did want to include transgender people who undergo physical changes to reflect their gender/sexual identity, in a HIGH FANTASY world, there’s actually a really easy answer to that: *ahem* “How are you going to make someone trans in a fantasy setting full of magic spells, potions, and artifacts?” shout out to the elixir of sex shift for covering more than just a gender binary. also lets not forget that in ye old days (aka time of the ancient greeks (aka the bc years)) that people drank the urine of pregnant mares to feminize themselves. like, trans people find a way ;) …the fucking Sumerians had trans people, brosky. Sumerians. They didn’t even have fucking iron, but they had trans women. dude lemme find you a fucking. girdle of sex change from 1st edition woah what’s that?? the first edition efreet cover??? OH HEY ITS A FUCKING GIRDLE OF SEX CHANGE AND THERES ALSO A POSSIBILITY IT REMOVES ALL SEX CHARACTERISTICS FROM THE WEARER it’s on page 145 of the dmg 1st ed. want an easier-to-read screenshot of a pdf?? tldr fuck you it’s pride month welcome back to “tldr fuck you” anyways dnd says trans nb rights