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It’s all fun and gameshttp://omg-humor.tumblr.com: So today was stressful. However, there was one part of work today that did make me happy. While checking out a patient, I noticed that there was a little girl of about 6 to 7 years old wearing a Harry Potter shirt. Naturally being a fan of HP, I asked her who her favorite character was. It wasn't Harry, Hermione, Ron, or even Dumbledore. In fact it was Hagrid. Why? Because "He gets to take care of the animals and creatures in the forest. I love animals and so he's my hero. And besides, he's fuzzy looking." When I told her that he was one of my favorites as well, she asked what my name was. As soon as I told her, she started jumping up and down and told me myname sounded like Weasley. I laughed and acknowledged her statement. After she calmed down, she then asked, "Are you really a wizard?" I smiled softly, winked and whispered back, "Don't tell anyone, but I'm from the Ministry of Magic. I'm here undercover because I'm helping out by looking for future Hogwarts students." That's when her adrenaline kicked in and she asked really excitedly, "Do you think I can be a student?!" I patted her head and said, "I could tell you have a lot of magic in you. So who knows? You may get an Owl at your mailbox in a few years." All the meanwhile, the parent was sort of laughing to herself while this went down. But to be honest, to see the light brighten in a kid from something as small as loving a book series (regardless of whether or not she just watched the movies) made my heart melt. And after that, the day went by pretty fast. Moral of the story is that no matter what you find stressful in the day, no matter how glum it may seem, there's always magic everywhere you look. Even in a kid's laughter and excitement. :) Like · Comment Share 9 hours ago near Cinco Ranch, TX O 20 people ike this. MUGGLENET MEMES.COM The #2 most addicting site IT'S ALL FUN AND GAMES until she turns eleven and her owl doesn't come 1 in 3 people will read this and go to TASTE OF AWESOME.COM It’s all fun and gameshttp://omg-humor.tumblr.com

It’s all fun and gameshttp://omg-humor.tumblr.com