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Apple, Iphone, and Phone: Justin Kaufman @JUSTINMKAUFMAN I remember when I first started coding, looking at stack traces like this thinking, "I'll never understand what this means." Ten years later, I still have no idea what it means. But look at me now! Justin Kaufman's iPhone 11 Pro Max Running NumberTwo on Justin Kaul man's iPhone 11 Pro Max Unity-Phone NumberTwo UnityGfuDeviceworker (35)) 3:CreateRenderPipeline NumberTwo:CreateRende rPipeline): 8x101c552e4 <+: Background JobWorker O (17 Bsckground JobWorker 1 (18) Background Job.Worker 2 (19 Background Job.Worker 3 (20 Background Job.Worker 4 (21) Background Job.Worker 5 (22) Background Job.Worker 6 (2 3 Background JobWorker 7 (24) Background Job.Worker 8 (25) Background Job.Worker 9 (26 Background JobWorker 10 (27) Beckground JebWerker 11 (28) Background Job.Worker 12 t29) x28, x27, Esp, 8-x601 x26, x25, sp, #ex10) x24, x23, [sp, ex28] 22, x21, sp, x303 x28, x19, tsp, aex48] x29, x3e, tsp, a0x50] x29, sp, #@x5e sp. sp, #0x368 x25, xe stp ex101c552e8 <4 8x101c552e0 48 stp ex101c552fe +12>: stp 8x181c55214 <+16 êx1eic552f8 +2>: 8x101c552fc +24? 8x181c55380 <+28>: i8x5e ;8x360 add sub ex101c55384<+32>: ex101c55388 <+36: x8, 6023 x8, [x8, sex2e0] 11 adrp ldr ex101c55310 <+44 13 ldr x8, [x8) x8. [x29, -8x581 x101c55318<+52 ex101e5531e <+563 x8, [x251 x8, ex181e553e4 x8, [x25, aex8) x8, x101c553e w8, tx25, 0x2a x8, [sp, #ex8] ax101e3fcfe 15 +2563 at puProgramsMetal.m ebz Background Job.Worker 13 (30) Background Job.Worker 14 C31) ex101c55320 +68>: ldr +256 at puProgramsMetal.mm 8x101c55324 <+6: cbz Background JobWorker 15 (32) ldrh 10 8x181c55328 +68>: 8x101c5532c +72 ex101c55330 +76 BatchDeleteObjects (33) Loading AsyneRead (34) UnityOfxDeviceWorker (35) 20 str : ::GetMe tal0fxDeviceCoret) at GfxDeviceMetal.mm:4101: 13 b1 21 w8, [x25, ex28 x9, [xe, #ex4818] x8, tx9, x8, 1sl #3] ldrt 22 ex101c55338 <+84): êxieic5533c +88> ex101c55340 t92> ex101c55344 96 0 lidb unnamed symbol267755 1dr 24 1db unnamed symbol2729ss. ldur x9, [x8, #exe x18, sp. #8x9 x9, [x1e, exff qe, [x8] 2 ldb unnamed symbol205133 -0x9f 26 13:CreateRenderPipeline) stur ex101c5534c <+184: ldr 4GetidkMTLRenderPipelineStat.. x101c55350 <+188>: qe. tsp, x198 NumberTwo) 29 str 15eCachedPipeline CommonDrawsetup) 7DrawBufferRangesPilatform UnityGfDevice Worker (35)) 3:CreateRenderPipeline 0 Metali Error areating papeline state (Sprites/Detauit) Compiler encounterea an anterna1 error (null)2019-11-16 20:19:56.831429-0808 NunberTwo[ 29135:2134922] [Coon] BSMachError: part see3; (os/kern) invalid 2019-11-16 20: 19:56.834555-0880 NumberTwo[29135: 2134922] Unbalanced calls too begin/end appearance transitions for <SplashScreenControler: ex11faa5c20 UnloadTime: 1. 472042 ms 8 non-virtual thunk to GhDeviceM capability Cexi4) "Unable to insert COPY SEND 9:DrawBuffersStereo 10 DrawBuffers) 11RunCommand ) 2819-11-16 28:20:07.208653-8800 NumberTwol29135: 2135846] Compiler failed to build request ing pipeline state (Brush/DiffuseDo ubleSided: RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex 12 GDericeWorkerAutoreleaseP. Metal: Error shader"s return type is not void (null) Metal: Error ereating pipeline state (Brush/DiffuseDeublesided): RasterizationEnabled is false but the vertex shader's return type is not void (null) Met al: Failed to get shader entry point 2819-11-16 20:20:07.211619-e809 NumberTwo[29135: 2135946] Compiler failed to build request Metal: Error areating pipeline state (Brush/Special/igglyoraphiteDoublesided): output of type half4 is not compatible with a HTLPixelFormatInvalid color attachement (nul1) Metal: Failed to get shader entry point ze19-11-16 28: 20:17.247672-ee09 NumberTwo[29135: 2135046] Compiler failed to build request Metal: Error 13 RunExt0 14RunD 15Run@fxDeviceWorker ) 16 RunThreadWrapper) e 17 pthresd stsrt com.apple.CoreMotion.MotionThread... Loading PreloadManager (37) CleudJob.Worker O (40) Thread 42 comapple.NSURLConnectionloader.. Thread 44 pismatchino n p er e (Brush/Special/HypereolorDoublesided): Fragment input(s) user(TEXCOORD) output typets) or not written by vertex shader (null) 2019-11-16 28:20:17-252482-08ee NumberTwo[ 29135 :213se46] Compiler failed to build request Metali Errer creating pipeline state (Brush/Standardsinglesided): Frageent inputis) user(TEXCOORDO) mismatching vertex shader output typels) or not Written by vertex shader (null) (11db) Auto O Filter Fiter All Output 9:56 AM 17 Nov 19 Twitter for Mac Understanding stack traces is an art

Understanding stack traces is an art

Lost, Wedding, and Who: Woman who lost wedding ring in the garden finds it years later in a carrot

Woman who lost wedding ring in the garden finds it years later in a carrot

Beautiful, College, and Desperate: Carl Kinsella Follow @TVsCarlKinsella Reminder that the story of how Alan Alda met his wife Arlene is pure goals. "In 1956, while attending Fordham, he met Arlene Weiss, who attending Hunter College. They bonded at a mutual friend's dinner party; when a rum cake accidentally fell onto the kitchen floor, they were the only two guests who did not hesitate to eat was it." 5:04 AM-14 Sep 2017 1,114 Retweets 3,179 Likes jadedamber: mysharona1987: flootzavut: onekisstotakewithme: bbc03undercover: murielsweating: mysharona1987: They’re still together like 60 years later. This is a beautiful love story. I’m just looking for someone to eat garbage floor cake with. I love everything about this story. Alan Alda is my spirit animal (and quite possibly my patronus) That’s hilarious and adorable. “The hostess of the evening had made a rum cake, and she put it on the refrigerator to cool,” Alda recalled. “The refrigerator shook, and the cake fell off the refrigerator and hit the floor.” It was a party moment that separated the casual diners from those desperate for dessert. “Arlene and I were the only two people who went in with spoons and ate it off the floor,” he said with a smile. “That’s how you know. When two people eat a cake off the floor, that’s it for life.” There’s no arguing that point. In fact, Alda seems certain today’s daters could learn a thing or two from him and Arlene. “All this matchmaking on the Internet, and they ask them questions — just toss a cake on the floor and see who goes for it,” he suggested. this post single-handedly fixed my evening and cleared my pores.

jadedamber: mysharona1987: flootzavut: onekisstotakewithme: bbc03undercover: murielsweating: mysharona1987: They’re still together l...