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canisitsnotlupus: 990000: natureisscary this is such a good shot

Memes, Oscars, and Shade: How 4 Undocumented, Mexican Immigrant High School Students & Their cheap Robot Beat MIT Source: WIRED (2004) THE TEAM: Carl Hayden Community High School Falcon Robotics Club @undocumedia 🇲🇽🇺🇸🙌✨👏To the date - one of our favorite stories flashback - & they named their robot "Stinky" "While other teams machined and welded metal frames, the guys broke out the rubber glue and began assembling the PVC pipe. They did the whole thing in one night, got high on the pungent fumes, and dubbed their new creation Stinky. Lorenzo painted it garish shades of blue, red, and yellow to designate the functionality of specific pipes. Every inch of PVC had a clear purpose. It was the type of machine only an engineer would describe as beautiful. Carl Hayden Community High School doesn’t have a swimming pool, so one weekend in May, after about six weeks of work in the classroom, the team took Stinky to a scuba training pool in downtown Phoenix for its baptism. Luis hefted the machine up and gently placed it in the water. They powered it up. Cristian had hacked together off-the-shelf joysticks, a motherboard, motors, and an array of onboard finger-sized video cameras, which now sent flickering images to black-and-white monitors on a folding picnic table. Using five small electric trolling motors, the robot could spin and tilt in any direction. To move smoothly, two drivers had to coordinate their commands. The first thing they did was smash the robot into a wall. “This is good, this is good,” Oscar kept repeating, buying himself a few seconds to come up with a positive spin. “Did you see how hard it hit the wall? This thing’s got power. Once we figure out how to drive it, we’ll be the fastest team there.” By early June, as the contest neared, the team had the hang of it. Stinky now buzzed through the water, dodging all obstacles. The drivers, Cristian and Oscar, could make the bot hover, spin in place, and angle up or down. They could send enough power to Stinky‘s small engines to pull Luis around the pool. They felt like they had a good shot at not placing last. ... “And the overall winner for the Marine Technology ROV championship,” Merrill continued, looking up at the crowd, “goes to Carl Hayden High School of Phoenix, Arizona!” (2004) Picture by @liviacoronabenjamin immigration undocumented Mexico Mexican robotics arizona SpareParts MIT HereToStay

🇲🇽🇺🇸🙌✨👏To the date - one of our favorite stories flashback -