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drst: arrghigiveup: TiL (click to go to the thread, which probably has more interesting tidbits I missed). Bonus: These are my people. : Benjamin Molineaux @benmolineaux Kids today: "you mean the save' button represents some kind of physical storage disk? OMG" Me today: "you mean 'upper case' and 'lower case' refer to the physical cases where printers kept their letters? OMG" Upper Case ib @% % 2 Em E& ECE BCDEFG L MINO PQR TVW X Y Z fA 4 5 6 718 e b n m En Em y p w QdOds JEm t Space Quads Lower Case 3.15 Pair of printer's cases (drawn by Rudolph Rižicka for D.B. Updike's Printing Types). 19:24 13 Sep 19 Twitter Web App Marc Verstaen @verstaen Replying to @benmolineaux and @GlennF It has French roots. Case means box in old French. Upper boxes, lower boxes. Bas de case, haut de case. 12:26 14 Sep 19 Twitter for iPhone Starburst vacuum @miopapio 4d Replying to @benmolineaux and @MaryRobinette now i only need to understand where the words type and font come from, and i'm done 1 21 Don Mackie @mackie_don 4d Font has a common root with found as in foundry. Type cast from molten metal. Having seen them in action Linotype machines are among my favourite bits of machinery. A giant typewriter with a furnace and crucible of molten lead at the back. There's a romance here. Y PE:THE FIL M GIF Li 15 6 204 Jason Thorpe @thorpej 3d Font designers are still called foundries. 1 28 3d Mary Robinette Kowal@ Jaw drops 11 pfarq @pfarqeu 1d Also, "leading" isn't the amount of space that "leads" the type, it is the size of the lead (metal) strips used to create said space. 1 Henningham Family Press. Replying to @benmolineaux and @MargotAtwell 4d Point sizes are seemingly random between typefaces because they refer to the piece of lead the type was on which you can no longer see 15 1 Katrina@KatrinaTransfem 4d There are 72 points in an inch, and the point size refers to the total height of the character set 2i 1 2 24 Margot Atwell @MargotAt... 4d Wow, I never realized this. I love type history! 1 2 Moon-faced Assassin...4 Replying to @benmolineaux and @Kilalalaa Also, in a printing press, putting a bunch of common words or phrases together is accomplished by mounting them in a single plate of text called a "Stereotype." And the sound it makes when it's pressed to the page is "cliche." Swear to god. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clich%C3%.. ti 40 125 drst: arrghigiveup: TiL (click to go to the thread, which probably has more interesting tidbits I missed). Bonus: These are my people.

drst: arrghigiveup: TiL (click to go to the thread, which probably has more interesting tidbits I missed). Bonus: These are my people.

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Don’t think about it.