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Being Alone, Bored, and Chewbacca: Who's your character? STAR WARS personality chart INF J LSFJ ISTJ INTJ C-3P0 Palpatine Obi-Wan Kenobi Owen Lars The Inspector The Protector The Counselor The Mastermind Responsible, loyal, and hard werking Have an acutee sense of right and wrong and work to preserve Traditional, loyal, quiet, and kind Extremely intuiive about people and sensitive to others' needs Often fear change and try hard to maintain peace and order. Tend to serve behind the scenes without seeking recognition. Like routine and possess excellent followthrough skils. Characterized by the ability to identity the needs of others and meet them selfiessly. Introspective, caring, sensitive, and comples. Strive for peace and seek to develop and guide others Value self-control and the pursuit of the greater good Live their lives wth a great purpose, and devoted to the causes they believe in Characterized by the ability to connect with the essence of others and to identity their strengths Ojective, independent, thorough and adaptable, wth wel-developed powers of concentration Natural leaders who strive for perfection. Talented in bringing ideas from conception to reality. Expect perfection from themselves as well as others Characteriaed by their desire to produce mastery and achievement that reflects their brilliance established norms and traditions. Somewhat reserved and prefer to work alone, but can make great team memebers if the need arises Characteriaed by the ability to work hand and make sacrifices to keep society running smoothly. LSFP LSTP INFP INTR Bail Organa Luke Skywalker yoda Chewbacca The Crafter The Artist The Idealist The Architect Quiet, serious, sensitive, and kind. Leyal and faithful dislike conflict. Have a keen appreciation for beauty due to their highly developed senses. Likely to be oniginal and creative. Highly affectionate, but can be dficut to get to know Live in the present and yearn for freedom Characteriaed by their desire to help and contribute to the well-being of others. Introspective, private, creative, and highly idealistic Driven by their values, and interested in helping people and serving humanity, Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened Imaginative, ofhen talented in language and writing Characterized by their ability to be present with another person on a deep level Logical, original, reserved, and curious. Focus on ideas, theories, and explanations. Have a calm rious exterior, but a deeply passionate soul Appreciate and respect intelligence in others. Have a strong ability to stay on task. Characteriaed by their ability to design sophisticated systems and theories that improve the lives of others Independent and adventurous, yet quiet and reserved Interested in how and why things work Addaptable and spontaneous, lkes to live in the moment. Loyal to their peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concermed with respecting rules if they get in the way. Characteriznd by their ability to get things done ESTP ESFP ENFP ENTP Wicket Han Solo R2-D2 Qui-Gon linn The Promoter The Performer The Champion The Inventor Outgoing, triendly, and fun-loving Likely to be the center of attention in social stuations. Love new experiences and live for the moment Adapt readily to new people and environments, can get bored easily. Enjoy material comforts and want the best of what e has to offer. Characterized by their ability to create positive experiences for others Friendly, adaptable, and action-oriented "doers who are focused on immediate results. Think on their feet and thrive in crises. Informal risk-takers who live tast-paced lives. Never allow nules to get in the way of their ambitions Straightfonward and realistic, take criticism wel Characterized by their ability to get things done and work well with others Enthusiastic, idealistic inspiring and creative Actively advocate for what they feel to be important attracting others to their causes with excellent people skils, warmth, and positivity. Excited by new ideas but tend to get bored with details Characterized by their ability to inspire and motivate others with their enthusiasm and passion for life Quick, innovative, curious, and resourceful Excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logie to find solutions. Introspective and carefree nonconformists who are bored by routine. Thrive at finding crafty solutions to technical problems Characterized by their ability to pursue and succeed at any risk-taking venture ENFJ ENTJ ESTJAESFJ Leia Organa lar Jar Binks Darth Vader Padme Amidala The Provider The Supervisor The Giver The Executive Practical, realisic, organied, and strategic Possess Warmhearted, conscientious, and popular. Tend to put Warm, empatheic, and charismatic with excellent the needs of others over their own needs. Sensitive to people skils. Highly sensitive to the emotions and critichm and need positive reintorcement to feel good needs of others, likely to find hidden potential in others and strive to help them fulfill t. Take their ebligations to others very seriously. Characterized by their ability to help develog others, and making a Assertive, strategic, and decisive, with a natural desire to lead. Inteligent and wel-informed, value knowledge and competence Are quick to see ogical and inefficient systems, and develop ntelligent solutions in response. Characterized by their ability to lead confidenty and reach poals with eNcellence natural leadership qualities Strict boundary setters who take personal responsibility very seriously Intensely focused on getting results and seek ways to about themselves. Supportive and generous, can do so in the most efficient way possible Characteraed by their ability to preserve traditions and provide security for their loved ones sometimes come across as overbearing due to their capacity for empathy. Characterized by their genuine concern for others, which drives everything they do asting difference in people's lives www.geekinheels.com eliteintp: http://ift.tt/1ocOUba YODA I AM

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