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Beautiful, Definitely, and Gif: @raegeii- Aug 12 Rae Geiger #unofficial #fanart back in 2017 when we were working on princess prom wanted to design prom outfits for two of my favs who didnt get them, even though one of them was definitely not invited to prom 113 t1.5K 5.7K Retweeted t Rae Geiger aaron@lordbilingual Aug 11 oh my god they were lab partners...ntrapdak #SheRa Josie Campbell @CozyJamble Aug 12 Replying to @raegeii I think this was the first drawing you ever taped to my door! I ADORE IT!! 2 26 @raegeii Aug 12 Rae Geiger I was on my bullshit from the START 28 1 Josie Campbell @CozyJamble Aug 12 Day 1,I didn't know you, but I DID know Entrapta was a woman who deserves to be in spats, with a dressy bf! THUS A FRIENDSHIP WAS BORN 28 t1 Josie Campbell @CozyJamble 4h IT IS ALWAYS ENOUGH DAYS TO TALK ABOUT ENTRAPDAK! [excited laughter GIF 1 26 1 FlameCon K92 @kateleth - 4h Kate Leth It's so GOOD 1 6 Josie Campbell @CozyJamble 4h As the main architect of this ship on the script side of the show, this is imperfect, beautiful music to my ears 1 17 Josie Campbell @CozyJamble Replying to @kateleth Throwing props to @Sizzlemanski who boarded a HUGE amount of Entrapta, and also specifically that gorgeous "imperfection" sequence with her being backlit and Hordak losing his damn mind! 1:56 PM Aug 14, 2019 Twitter for iPhone 15 Likes Sam szymanski @Sizzlemanski 2h Replying to@CozyJamble and @kateleth It was such a joy boarding the stuff we got from you and the writers! shout out to @Dwooman_art for doing the final boards after my roughs for that scene and turning it into an absolutely beautiful moment! 2 8 iamtypinglike98madmen: There’s just something so wonderful about seeing the show’s crew celebrate Entrapdak