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America, Articuno, and Cheating: Pokémon GO @CatchEmAll rt to spread the word GO Clarifying Misinformation Farfetch'd is only capturable in Asia Tauros is only capturable in North America Mr. Mime is only capturable in Europe angasghan is only capturable in Australia All these pokemon can be hatched from 5km eggs regardless of where you live. Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew and Ditto are all unobtainable, they have ingame models and are programmed into the game however they do not spawn, they are most likely being saved for an event however this is speculation. If you see anyone who says they have or have seen any legendary or a Ditto they are lying or have been misinformed. It also took someone who has very low photoshop ability (me) 5 mins to fake a nearby Zapdos so dont belive screenshots either. The nearby tab is currently broken due to a bug, all pokemon show they are 3 feet away de- spite distance, this also makes the order they appear in incorrect. Niantic has stated that they intend to include every generation of Pokemon into the game, obviously releasing them one generation at a time is a good way to stop people getting overwhelmed and i wouldnt expect gen 2 for at least 3 months. (the timeframe is speculation there hasnt been a statement, however since their servers cant stay up for a whole day without crashing and that some people would be overwhelmed or just dont want further generations we will most likely be waiting a while) Tapping on Pokeballs if you miss your throw does not pick them up, this was a popular thing people were saying for a while, it looks like you pick it up but the number does not actually increase. pokehuntr.com and pokevision.com are websites that allows you to search for pokemon in your nearby area, it shows you exactly where they are and how long until they leave, it uses the Niantic API and is technically cheating so use with your own discretion raakxhyr: Just a PSA for those who didn’t see

raakxhyr: Just a PSA for those who didn’t see