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Old, Roman, and Algeria: A 2000 years old Roman bathhouse still in use in Hamma, Algeria.

A 2000 years old Roman bathhouse still in use in Hamma, Algeria.

America, Bad, and Candy: Interesting Facts About Hallow on Halloween is coming! These days, we either equate Halloween with kids seeking candy or girls using the day as an excuse to dress like prostitutes. But there's a lot more to this mysterious celebration than that. Here are some interesting facts about Halloween that you might not know. HALLOWEEN HAS SEVERAL DIFFERENT The correct spelling of Halloween is actually HALLOWE'EN NAMES: All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallowtide, The Feast of the Dead, HALLOWEEN Haloween, All Saints Eve El Dia de los Muertos CELEBRATIONS DATE BACK 2000 YEARS (Day of the Dead) as traditional pagan traditions. THE TRADITION OF WEARING MASKS on Halloween comes from Welsh and IN AMERICA DURING THE 1800'S, the end Celtic traditions that claim the dead visit the living on October 31st. of the Harvest season was celebrated at the end of October by wearing costumes, eating sweets and playing practical jokes on each other. The masks are intended to keep the spirits of the dead from recognizing the living. The tradition of adding pranks into the Halloween mix In 1964, Helen Pfeil of Greenlawn, NY was started to turn ugly ARRESTED FOR HANDING OUT ARSENIC LACED TREATS in the 1930's and a movement began to substitute practical jokes for kids GOING DOOR TO DOOR COLLECTING CANDY. as a prank on teens she deemed too old for trick or treating. ВОBBING FOR APPLES JACK 0' LANTERNS started with a Roman harvest festival honoring Pamona, the goddess of originated in Ireland as hollowed out turnips with candles placed in them to keep away evil ghosts and spirits on the Samhain holiday. fruit trees. ABOUT 99% OF ALL PUMPKINS sold are used as Jack o' Lanterns for Halloween. ORANGE AND BLACK are traditional Halloween colors: BLACK CATS ORANGE get a bad rap on Halloween because they represents the fall Harvest. were once believed to be witch's subordinates who protected their master's dark powers. BLACK represents the darkness. If you see a SPIDER In England. it's just the opposite. WHITE CATS on Halloween, it is said to be the spirit of a loved one watching over you. are believed to be bad luck Halloween candy sales average about 2 BILLION dollars annually in the United States. Halloween is the second most commercially SUCCESSFUL HOLIDAY Christmas is number one. Halloween is also the THIRD BIGGEST PARTY DAY 86% of Americans decorate their homes in celebration of of the year behind Halloween. New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. In 2009, Halloween costume sales exceeded $6 BILLION Adult oriented costumes account for 62% of those sales. brought to you by: Halloween Express.com K. unexplained-mysteries:Halloween Fun Facts

unexplained-mysteries:Halloween Fun Facts