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Native American, American, and Smoke: A young American settler posing with a distant Native American smoke signal, ~ 1800.

A young American settler posing with a distant Native American smoke signal, ~ 1800.

Basketball, Complex, and Family: HuffPost@HuffPost 7h Nick Sandmann believes "that by remaining motionless and calm, I was helping to diffuse the situation." MAGA Hat-Wearing Teen Claims He Was 'Helping To [Defuse] The Sit... The student from Covington Catholic High School denied harassing Native American War Veteran Nathan Phillips huffingtonpost.com 783 t 64 214 BCB @BCFB828 6h If you work with kids this age, youve seen this stance and look before. He's perfected it. Nick is no peacekeeper Sharon @MySharona1987 1h I grew up in a Catholic high school. (Boys/girls) I was viciously bullied and more than twice got sexually assaulted. Oh, I've seen that smirk on a boy before It tends to stay with you. eviltessmacher: masonsriverboat: mysharona1987: galaxycat-1459: klubbhead: Kid *shit grins* These bitches: Their victim complex is so fucking deep that they’re blaming a kid who’s doing his own thing instead of their actual perpetrator. ‘doing his own thing.’ Well, that is one way to put it.  I, meanwhile, would call it a white young man, surrounded by other white young men, intentionally intimidating a Native American war veteran. Don’t act like that kid didn’t know he was being scary to that old man.  The boy is standing in front of his classmates, who are CLEARLY mocking the Native chanting, while wearing a shit eating grin. That shit eating grin is one of the classic expressions of bemused entitlement that can be found on the faces of privileged, rich, private school kids everywhere. He knew what he was doing. Also his schools history of wearing BLACKFACE at basketball games doesn’t exactly help their case. The fact that he, or more likely his family, had a damn PR firm write a fucking press release speaks volumes. Don’t think for a minute that anyone who has ever been bullied, can’t spot a bully a mile away. This kid is a privileged, self-absorbed, entitled little bully. And someone needs to put him in his place. Along with the rest of them.
Be Like, Children, and Crying: sorry-ipanicked So me dude bro on the internet talking about the new She-Ra reboot: Ugh SJWs are taking over cartoons and making them all preachy. I hate it when shows try to push an agenda on kids. Why can't they be like they used to be, you know? Original He-Man, looking straight at the audience: We had a lot of fun here today but you know what isn't fun? Judging others based on how they look. Not liking a person because he or she is a different race or religion is wrong. Also, plant a tree, and don't do drugs. bogleech Lou Scheimer was born to a German Jewish family and believed that his cartoons had a responsibility to teach children kindness and respect for everybody Back then there were also MILITANT divides between "boy's" and "girl's" entertainment but when he found out He-Man had at least a small following of little girls he pitched the concept of He-Man's sister She-Ra and was insistent she be as tough a warrior as her brother. He saw that girls actually did like scary" sword and sorcery and had a WHOLE EW FUCKING SHOW made so they could fee l acknowledged and have a heroine to look up to with her very own series er he would help design a whole new sci-fi fantasy setting with the most creative control he ever had, Bravestarr, and was adamant that the hero be a Native American man, the first ever in a starring role on a kid's action show He also wanted Bravestarr to be a positive role model by being a patient, gentle, soft spoken man who abhors violence and avoids using guns at all costs These cartoons are remembered as schlocky toy commercials and they ARE entertaining that way but real love went into them by a guy who wanted kids to grow up more sensitive and caring. Some of these same geeks crying about THE SJW'S were raised by even more bluntly progressive media than we've almost ever had and they didn't even know it Source: sorry-ipanicked 46,706 notes She-Ra