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Crime, Facetime, and Fucking: Qyeen, Petty Follow @TheRealMsLouie All iPhone Users Say 108 To Siri So She Can Tell You A Joke 9:26 PM - 12 Mar 2017 106 t155 Flubber Nugget @Mondo_LOE Follow I just found out you can 3 way FaceTime now "108" to Siri and then you can call two people you just say 6:32 PM -16 Mar 2017 8 t15 1 48 % AT&T "Hey Siri 108" tap to edit Calling Emergency Services in five seconds... Emergency Call In 5 seconds. Cancel Call i-hate-all-pedophiles: protect-lgbtqia-kids: the-future-now: The “Hey, Siri, 108” viral prank is actually an emergency call — and may be illegal If you’re active on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then you may have seen posts baiting a user into saying “Hey Siri, 108.” Some say it enables a three-way FaceTime, while others promise something hilarious to happen. The “joke” is that saying “Hey Siri, 108” will instruct Siri to call emergency services for you. The phone assistant will give users a five second time span to cancel or make the emergency call. This prank is troubling because it uses resources that are vital for others trying to receive help in real emergency situations. Roughly 240 million calls are made to 911 in the United States each year and placing prank calls can be considered a crime. Read more (3/17/17 11:59 AM) follow @the-future-now Don’t do fckin prank calls to emergency numbers or trick others into doing so!You literally will endanger people who really need to get through.You will keep them from helping those who need it, and in these cases seconds do damn well count! I was told to do this and had a fucking panic attack because I thought I was gonna be arrested this shit ain’t funny