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Advice, Bitch, and Children: "you give them a taste of their own medicine, then they tell everyone you poisoned them.” For all the men out there whose ideas of what it is to be a man, have been influenced by psychopaths... Sometimes it's okay to cry Sometimes it's ok to admit you are scared It's normal to be lead by women It's cool to have the respect of women as well the respect of men You don't need to deal with every situation with your temper, you don't always need to shout to be heard There are right & wrong times to use force, all of the time is not a normal way of dealing with life It's ok to say to a woman, I don't have a clue, can you teach me It's okay to admit you are wrong I seek advice from women daily You need guidance from women They aren't merely sex objects for your consumption Many men have been taught what a man is, by males who treat women like sh*t Being spiritually devoid isn't a good thing I used to be there, I saw my mum abused by my dad when I was a child, then from about 13-23 I went on to treat women like they were just there for sex. She didn't teach me that, men did I know that I was wrong... I have changed I have never put my hands on a woman & I will never For all of the men reading this who feel insecure, it's ok, but don't come with the weak argument, what if a woman hits you first, that's a rare thing & usually it's because of something you have done. There is no such thing as reverse sexism, don't hide behind your insecurities, don't project them on to me or women. Doing the washing up, cooking the food, cleaning up, raising your children properly are all parts of being a man. If she tries to emasculate you then calmly tell her that you don't need her social conditioning, taught by sexist men to interfere with your relationship between you both. I have been called a pussy & a bitch by a partner when she lost her temper, she was also violent to me... I shouted but I would never hit her, I moved on. I'm still a man & I'm not in jail or facing a court case I still have my dignity It's cleansing to share your emotions, only getting emotional at a football game will leave you feeling empty with life Your life is emotional, it's what makes you human. Sometimes it's ok to cry chakabars