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Being Alone, Food, and Fucking: Special Instructions: boy send your cutest delivery looking-for-amber: so-super-fucking-skinny: twinque: ordering pizza this is what i do everytime and then last time i did it i got a call from an old chinese man saying “i’m the only one working is it ok if i come” he got a $20 tip Hey as a manager at a pizza shop, this makes us all uncomfortable. Wether it be a boy or girl driver I HAVE to tell them to be vigilant. Don’t go into the house. Don’t speak more than necessary. Don’t give them your name. Leave if you feel unsafe, I don’t care if they don’t get their food. Call me when you’re coming back so I know you’re okay. The company (before I worked there of course) had a girl kidnapped because of this! Because the manager at the time didn’t think to send another employee seeing as it was close to midnight! Thankfully they got her back within a day. I don’t care if you’re just trying to be funny. This is predatory and very scary. Side note that’s related: DON’T HIT ON YOUR DRIVERS! Unless the show signs of wanting to get to know you or something, don’t make them uncomfortable. I had to put a guy on the DON’T DELIVER list because he kept calling for my 17yo female employee, only wanted her, no one else. I refused to send her and then he started coming in and wanted to talk to her. She was terrified, rightfully so. She also told me about a month after she quit, she swore she saw him walking around her neighborhood. She had to put a restraining order against the fucker. LEAVE THE DRIVERS ALONE YOU CREEPS.