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For only $7.7 Octillion a day, you too can operate a Death Star: With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming out in a few weeks. British energy company 0VO Energy was curious how much it costs to run the Empire, specifically the Death Star Turns out, either the Empire knows how to print their own money or everyone is working for free for the good of the Dark Side. There is no way this much money exists a long, long time ago. in a galaxy far. far away Or maybe Vader's got a black card with unlimited credit MUCH WOULD IT COS)T TO POWE DEATH STA THE SCALE OF THE DEATH STAR COULD TE EVEN THE MOST BATTLE-HARDENED JEDI ENIGHT ALL THOSE HUNGRN EIG ENERCV BLL OUT JUST HOw OVD ENEROV WAVE COLLABORATEO WITH S SPECİFİCATİONS POPULATION 377KM EQUATOR 937,184 34D 0t,00O TONNES PLANET DESTROVING LASER ULLV EQUIPPED ARWV STORMTRODPORS 25,984 DTAL STAF: 2468 937 FULL LINING FACILITIES JUMPİNG TO HYPERSPACE THE MOST TERRIFYING ASPECTS OF ADN FOR BATTLE AT A MOWINT'S NOTICE NTD MPERSPACE SHOOTING THE LASER THE SPACE STAT TD DESTRO PLANET OF ALDERAAN IN THE FRANCHSE'S FIRST RECHARGİNG THE LASER HE AMOUNT o UN WHICH OULD COST KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON 8.25 X 85 LEVELS AND 257 SEPARATE SUB LEVELS IT WE VE ESTIMATED 547745348 BUBS 41374 313,130 PER FEEDING THE CREW FOR A 2 MILLION PLUS CREW, WOU NEED OF COURSE, CUPS OF TEA EVERY 0 DOING THE LAUNDRY AS A LARGE OTV THE INIABTANTS QUITE THE LAUNDRY PILE TO WASN AND DRY ALL 136 54 84 PER DRV RECYCLING FAMOUS CARSACE E TAKE THE EXAMPLE OF WEST BILL O 2341 TONMES TOTAL COST PER DAY £6,254,254,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 OR £6.2 OCTİLLİON THAT'S 30 TRİLLİON TIMES ALL THE MONEY ON EARTH (£200 TRİLLİON) For only $7.7 Octillion a day, you too can operate a Death Star

For only $7.7 Octillion a day, you too can operate a Death Star