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Ass, Click, and Energy: Portia Moemedi Follow @PortiaMoemedi Best thing I have read today innabitots Female chief in Malawi breaks up 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school NEWS 10:34 PM - 17 Dec 2018 13,017 Retweets 23,993 Likes aly Follow @AFRODREAMBOY Respect her and say her name: Theresa Kachindamoto. Portia Moemedi @PortiaMoemedi Female chief in Melawi breaks Best thing I have read today up 850 child marnieges and sends gils beck to school Show this thread 8:53 AM - 19 Dec 2018 33,209 Retweets 77,679 Likes hot-chubbies-with-cheese: cocoartistwrites: stained-glass-rose: taramaclaywasaterf: thatpettyblackgirl: This is powerful. BlackGirlsMagic This is a real queen I know I say this every time, but I’m saying it again: THEY DONT PUT NAMES IN HEADLINES UNLESS ITS AN INSTANTLY RECOGNIZABLE NAME. They’re not being disrespectful. That’s just how headlines work. They’re not gonna write “John Smith Saves Toddler From a Well” they’re gonna write “Pennsylvania Man Saves Toddler From Well” and then put his name in the article. Most people aren’t gonna click a link/continue reading an article that says John Smith, because who the fuck is that, and why do I care about him? Now, if it was, like, Kim Kardashian saving a kid from a well, you bet your ass they’re gonna put her name in the headline. That’s clickbait GOLD. Her name is instantly recognizable. We know who she is, and we wanna read on. Again, I’m saying this because, if we focus on the headline not saying Theresa’s name…it completely detracts the focus off the fact that this woman is a damn hero. We’re more upset and angry that she’s been “disrespected” (even though she hasn’t) by the, like, first rule of writing headlines, instead of saying “hey, she is saving these young girl’s lives, how can we help her?” Basically, share the article. Spread her message, share her story, and make Theresa’s name so goddamn well known that the next article that’s written about her WILL have her name in the headline. Also @ anyone who says “why don’t they say their name!!!!” Consider this: If you actually click on the damn thing and READ the article, I can guarantee you will learn the person’s name. It WILL be within the body of the article itself. So why are y’all acting like it’s a big mystery/ they’re deliberately erasing them or something? Aren’t you reading the article? If it really was so important to you, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to read and learn her name, instead of you know, sharing it without reading it for woke points. 👀👀👀👀👀 Hello I’m a journalist and this is exactly right. Names are news but only if people know them already. I’m so tired of seeing this all the time. It’s a completely nonsense thing to get mad about. Put your energy into something more important - like calling the media out for not covering enough of this. But not for not putting an unknown woman in a headline. QUEEN