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Disappointed, Family, and Love: That's what family does We fight for each other [The Originals 4x02] โ—๏ธWARNING: SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5 IN THE SECOND PICTURE & CAPTION. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILEDโ—๏ธ โ € I'm so disappointed in the writers and the direction where they want to take the show in season 5. I've continued watching and supporting this show EVEN after one of my favorite characters, Cami O'Connell, has died last year because I care about the show itself and the storylines. I've tried to accept their decision, even if I still think it was wrong. If they are really going to kill Hayley, I'm boycotting the show (do not tell that this doesn't have to happen, it's literally written on the board and it was accidentally leaked by one of the producers). I do not want to continue a show where female character are always treated like shit. I'm done watching female characters just being used as love interests and when the writers can't come up with a new storyline for them, they just kill them off. Hayley is the LEAD female of this show and she even had an actual storyline in season 4. She's part of the Mikaelson family now and she's done so much for them. She's also turned into a better person for her daughter and has become a wonderful mom. Hayley had an amazing character development over the years and doesn't deserve to be killed off, not for another ship or for Klaus and Elijah's man pain. Hope also doesn't deserve to lose a parent, she needs her! Julie Plec can't say that she cares for female empowerment in season 4 and then kills off THAT one female in the next season. You can disagree, but do not come at me and tell that my opinion is wrong or that I shouldn't complain. We do NOT want a storyline like this and we are allowed to disagree with it!!! NoHayleyNoShow SaveHayley โ € Q: What's your opinion on this? โ € My edit give credit [ klayley hayleymarshall klausmikaelson theoriginals|176.5k]