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Arguing, Brains, and Crime: Emily of the State @EmilyGorcenski Trump doesn't speak in full, coherent sentences, because he's speaking a different language, one his followers understand but we don't. 2/19/17, 6:51 AM 86 RETWEETS 223 LIKES Emily of the State It's fascinating in a "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" sense. He begins a clause, and @Emily Gorcenski 1h finishes it with nonsense filler words. 2 4 35 Emily of the State But his followers have already used their bias to fill in meaning. @EmilyGorcenski 1h 1 30 Emily of the State "You look at what happened in Sweden last night, they took in large numbers, they're having problems they never though possible." @EmilyGorcenski 1h 구 8 1 20 Emily of the State @EmilyGorcenski 1h This isn't a sentence. It's three sentence fragments strung together that only make sense if you fill in meaning. 구 7 2 32 Emily of the State Sweden didn't take in large numbers of anything the night before, nor did they have problems taking in large numbers. No, @EmilyGorcenski 1h this is innuendo. 1 4 21 Emily of the State And none of us know what it's supposed to mean because we're trying to reconstruct logical sentences, and not filling in with our biases @EmilyGorcenski 1h 구 5 1 20 Emily of the State The sentence makes perfect sense to his followers. A large number of muslim refugees caused problems that the lying media isn't reporting. @EmilyGorcenski 1h 1 5 20 Emily of the State This style of speaking reinforces the biases of the listener, that's why it's so dangerous. We can't treat it as if Obama is speaking Con Law @Emily Gorcenski 1h 2 37 Emily of the State Trump "says it like it is" by saying the first part of a thought and letting the listener fill in the rest. Exactly as it is in their mind. @Emily Gorcenski 1h 27 3 67 fishnbanjos: abbiehollowdays: spoonmeb: itsathought2: everydayjewels: wellthatsjustgreat: A good take on why Trumpkins don’t hear what the rest of us hear when President Trump spews incoherent word salad. Also why I have limited interest in, or energy for, trying to persuade them through rational debate. I have been baffled by this all along - I could not for the life of me imagine what his supporters were hearing when they listened to him babble incoherently. He’s like a political Rorschach’s test. I feel like I’ve had the curtain drawn back.   I realized I do this to him too. I’m always trying to figure out WHAT THE FUCK HE MEANS.  Only because I don’t like him and what he stands for,  I’m actually trying to parse reality from it, so it strikes me as insane.   But if I was predisposed to him, my mind would decide on something that filled out my preconceived expectation.   Humans Brains are so fucking weak and wrong.  If you’ve paid attention to the way racist/generally bigoted white people have talked literally since the dawn of time, this wouldn’t be a surprise to you, but I like the way OT phrased it. But really people often talk like this when they want to say horrible things about other human beings they know they shouldn’t be saying, it’s just with Trump it suddenly matters can’t he’s flushing our country down the toilet. See: the way white people have always talked about the mysterious inner city and the infamous black on black crime. Or just black women in general. There are always unfinished sentences about black people/POC and ya’ll never have trouble completely them in your own heads. It’s like their very own “auto-complete” for searches they know have already been done by their supporters time and time again. By the way, Fox News has been doing a similar version of this for years. A local columnist pointed out that they often ask absolutely ridiculous questions, but because they ask it in question form, they get wiggle room. “Does Obama want to kill your grandparents when they go to the doctor?” Now, the question in itself is open ended, but obviously, you’re set up to believe that, yes, your grandparents will die because of Obama. The onus is on the station to disprove a question like this, but instead they throw a vague, twisted statement out and have two opposing people argue as if both sides of the conversation are equal in value and truth. The subject of the question then the non-clear rebuttal makes the answer seem obvious that Obama is killing your sweet granny and grandpa when they go for a flu shot. I say all this because this network has been grooming their followers to fill in the blanks from vagueness this entire time. Trump just knows how to fill in just enough words to start the thought process down that way. He’s taken what Fox News started and perfected it.