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Memes, The Worst, and China: Uncle Sam's Misguided Children 773 Posted by Faye Higbee 4 mins. Today was the confirmation hearing for Gen. Mattis. Through every topic, excellent answers. my belief is that we have to stay focused on a military that's so lethal that on the battlefield it will be the enemy's longest day and their worst day when they run into that force." MR McCANN Mattis Issues Grave Warning During Confirmation Hearing unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com On a day when 3,000+ US troops arrived in Poland – right on Russia’s doorstep – during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Retired Marine General James Mattis spoke of this point in history as being the worst threat to the “world order” since World War II. He stated that “deterrence is critical”- and that means a strong military, and strengthening of American alliances. He believes that Russia is trying to break the NATO alliances. “I think [the world order is] under the biggest attack since World War II … from Russia, from terrorist groups and with what China is doing in the South China Sea.” James Mattis Continue reading👉http:-unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com-mattis-issues-grave-warning-confirmation-hearing- 💀 Get yours MadDOG t shirt store link in bio 👊💀👍 UncleSamsMisguidedChildren 💀 Purchase our Savage apparel 💀 LIKE our Facebook page & 💀 Visit our website for more News and Information. Link in Bio. 💀 www.UncleSamsMisguidedChildren.com 💀 Tag and Join our Savage Community @unclesamsmisguidedchildren Use code USMCNATION10 for 10% off MisguidedLife MisguidedNation USMCNation Apparel ProGun 2A Biker MolonLabe Tactical Semperfi Murica USA Merica MAGA Savage ZeroFucks nofucks semperfidelis groundpounder Gun Ammo WarMonk JamesMattis USMC TipOfTheSpear USMarines 0311