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Fire, Life, and Money: POPULAR CULTUR AND PH.LOSOP.H SporgeBab MAIN STACKS PN 1992.77 . S68 HILO SOPHY S68 2011 SECRETS UNDER THE SEA! EDITED B Y J OSEP H J.FOY change joB in "Nature Pants" whell Krusty Krab in order to go live W Plankton does in "New Leaf" when he (seen dons the restaurant bus ll iness to establish a gift shop ell sngeBob infects the ith a fungus that causes abs commandeers Gary five dollars each to be om also exhibits significart However, life in Bikini Bott violations of the requirements of society. Perhaps the most glaring of such viola continued presence and activit Marx's ideal communist tions is the ies of Mr. Eugene H. Krabs. gues that in a true communist society nly as a consequen that it is hat they became infec cease. Yet, Mr. Krabs seems regularly to exploit SpongeBob, as in "Fear of a Krabby Patty" when he decides that the Krusty Krab exploitation of the working class will continuation of su ny indication that dication that there main open twenty-four hours per day, and, conse- that Bikin will re quently, SpongeBob and Squidward must work twenty- four-hour shifts for forty-three days straight! And in "sp ed a communist be la aight! Andt, suggests However, if Biki Buddies" he threatens to fire SpongeBob unless he call agrees to spy on Plankton without being paid for his efforts munist, can we The fact that SpongeBob seems willing to accept, if not actively seek, his own exploitation does not render it acceptable according to Marx. SpongeBob might be suf The word 'utopia fering from what Marx labeled "false consciousness"-a misunderstanding of one's actual situation, perpetratedrefer to an ideal and perpetuated by the rich to oppress the poor. phers have de According to Marx, were SpongeBob able to clearly com-Republic (360 prehend the reality of his exploitation, he would noframework f longer accept it. There are periodic glimpses of such com-(1561-1626) prehension, as in "Clams" when SpongeBob andlabeled "Ne Squidward realize that Mr. Krabs's obsession with money utoian the place" and "goo could get them killed, or in The SpongeBob SquarePants the novel U actualwedgeantilles: super-star-destroyer: kibasniper: I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS IN TWO MINUTES BUT LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND MY UNIVERSITY’S LIBRARY HOLY SHIT. @actualwedgeantilles Someone send me the .pdf so I can do an analysis on this.