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Best Friend, Definitely, and Future: Chloe, 19 154 kilometre s away pineapple definitely doesn't belong on pizza Chloe YOU MATCHED WITH CHLOE ON 2/7/18. I'm not sure I'm okay with your hardcore political opinions, Chloe. While your passion is definitely very attractive, I don't see a future here I think we should stay together until the kids move out then I think it's done. I just don't think I'll ever love you as much as I love pineapple. Maybe when the kids move out we can try rekindle our love with a cruise overseas? Oh sure, let's have a repeat of the Hawaii Incident shall we? Be serious it's not my fault I don't like Hawaiian pizza!! It's not that you're not right, it's just that we're not right for each other. I know we were young. I was struck by your wit and unreasonably good looks, you were taken by my humour and smooth mocha complexion. Now there are 25 years, three kids and a mortgage between us and we're only just realising that we should have gone out for churros instead of pizza. 25 years, 3 months and 9 days to be exact, don't you want to be there for our grandchildren? I know an awesome couples counselling we can go to, too get our old spark back. You're counting? Please... you're no prisoner here. You were free to leave the moment you hired that "gardener" in '03. If you want to know where our spark went, it left in the back of a Mazda BT-50 ute driven by a man who always smelled like compost and that perfume I bought you. Yesterday 23:47 Now I know why it says youra comedian in your bio can't wait to read my best friend this convo she's gonna lose it Absolute Deal-breaker.

Absolute Deal-breaker.