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Bad, Funny, and Inception: FeaturesBusiness Explore Marketplace Pricing This repository Search Sign in or Sign up tensorflow/tensorflow O Watch5,517St62,04Fork 29,982 Code Issues 727 Pull requests 53 Projects Insights having problem to identity porn images -> especaly with penises (NO its not a joke!!) #11147 New issue Open puckpuck85 opened this issue 4 hours ago 1 comment puckpuck85 commented 4 hours ago Assignees No one assigned i m running a website where a mass on photos are uploaded (upload without registration)... so i get aaaaa lot of penis-trolls or whatever makes them post their private parts... anyhow Labels None yet i tried to train inception model with tensorflow (newest version 1.x) so i made a folder with "penises (approx 160 pics) and one with different images with person how dont show their penis (approx 160 pics.. Projects training accuracy is quit good-> over 90 %-but testing the model with other pictures-it fails really bad on None yet hmmmm, i know.. 160 pics are not that much for training, but i thing the problem is: No milestone guy on the beach in shorts is: ok guy on the beach with penis lurking out of his pants: is not okay but the difference is quite small between the pictures... because a penis is (mostly) quite a small part of the human body. so hard to detect... anybody could help? and no, its sounds funny, buts no joke.. i suffering under all the uploads i have to review manualy.... it's really not funny to see over 1000 penises a day : ( cheers, puck xdumaine commented 21 minutes ago This sounds like a really hard problem. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment If not hotdog{return True}
Facebook, Friends, and Hello: What to do if you are witnessing ISlamophobIC A bystander's guide to help the persor harassment n who's being targeted Engage conversation. Go to them, sit beside them and say hello. Try to appear calm, collected and welcoming IGNORE THE ATTACKER Pick a random subject and start discussing it. It can be anything: a movie you liked, the weather, saying you like something they wear and asking where they got it.. THE WEATHER LATELYIS S0 İGNO RED Hl HOW ARE YOU? MY SISTER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS MOVIE Keep building the safe space. Keep eye contact with them and don't acknowledge the attacker's presence : the absence of response from you two wil push them to leave the area shortly Continue the conversation until the attacker leaves & escort them to a safe place if necessary. Bring them to a neutral area where they can recollect themselves; respect their wishes if they tell you they're ok and just want to go 2 This guide was written & illustrated by Maeril | @itsmaeril Translated in English for The Middle Eastern Feminist cognitiveinequality: maeril: Hi everyone! This is an illustrated guide I made as part of my co-admining work at The Middle Eastern Feminist on Facebook! It will be published there shortly. The technique that is displayed here is a genuine one used in psychology - I forgot the name and couldn’t find it again so if you know about it, feel free to tell me!Some could say: “Yes but you can use that technique for instances of harassment other than Islamophobic attacks!”, and my reply is: Sure! Please do so, it also works for other “types” of harassment of a lone person in a public space!! However I’m focusing on protecting Muslims here, as they have been very specific targets lately, and as a French Middle Eastern woman, I wanted to try and do something to raise awareness on how to help when such things happen before our eyes - that way one cannot say they “didn’t know what to do”! I’d like to insist on two things: 1) Do not, in any way, interact with the attacker. You must absolutely ignore them and focus entirely on the person being attacked! 2) Please make sure to always respect the wishes of the person you’re helping: whether they want you to leave quickly afterwards, or not! If you’re in a hurry escort them to a place where someone else can take over - call one of their friends, or one of yours, of if they want to, the police. It all depends on how they feel! For my fellow French-speakers: I will translate it in French and post it on my page as soon as I can :)Please don’t hesitate to share this guide as it could push a lot of people to overcome bystander syndrome!!Lots of love and stay safe! PS: I you repost this cartoon of mine on twitter or instagram, please add me in the post so I can see it, with @itsmaeril :) An important reminder today, and every day.

cognitiveinequality: maeril: Hi everyone! This is an illustrated guide I made as part of my co-admining work at The Middle Eastern Feminist ...

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