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Next full moon is Nov 4th, may the pumpkin king approve.: witchoffires my little sister just found out at school that you can create a religion and wants me to help her turn Halloween into a year long religion. And i never knew i wanted this until now. We will be the Halloween Cult. I am so ready for this. witchoffires My sister came up with some cult rules. 1. Do not deny the spooky 2. Be nice to children. 3. Don't be pressuring others into the religion, if they don't want to hear leave them alone. Every second Wednesday of each month is Pumpkin Worship, that is when you eat pumpkin flavored things, carve pumpkins, or burn pumpkin spice scented candles Just embrace the pumpkin. 5. Don't be mean to other people for reasons they can't control, but hey if they are doing it on purpose just to annoy you, destroy them No touch other people if they don't want you to, this includes hair. 6. Halloween is a holy day, embrace it and become one with the spooky 8. Costumes are an everyday thing, but sometimes it can be inappropriate, be aware of when to embrace the spooky and when to just be a little spooky. 9. Don't let anyone tell you you can't be spooky, and if they do tell you then they don't know what they're talking about. You can be all the spooky all you want. 10. Be nice to animals. Be ready to help others when you can but still remember that you need to put your needs first. 12. You are spooky, you are amazing, you are fabulous. Say it. idk but i think we need more, go ask you internet nerd friends. can yall think of anything else? witchoffires OKay i asked her how one would join the cult and she said to light a jack-o-lantern on a full moon then yodel into the night for the pumpkin king and if he approves you, you will hear someone yell "stut the fuck up" then you are part of the cult. have fun yodeling my friends Next full moon is Nov 4th, may the pumpkin king approve.