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How to be a Teacher in 2019 - Fun, Fresh Ideas: How to be a Teacher in 2019 Make sure the academic, emotional, social, psychological, mental, physical, and nutritional needs of every single student you come into contact with is met...daily. Form deep, personal, caring, loving, but irreproachably professional relationships with each of those students. Do not be their friend. Make sure they know they can come to you at any time for any reason. Hold them to the highest standards of excellence but do not put any undue pressure or expectations on them that might damage their self-esteem or world view. Always give them a pencil, even if you've given them one every day for three marking periods. Put aside standards and tests when national or world issues of importance arise in order to facilitate meaningful, woke conversations that will help strengthen their social emotional learning and empathy. Never talk to them about politics or controversial issues because that could be viewed as trying to force your views on them. Maintain a classroom that is engaging, fun, comfortable, and visually appealing because students won't learn in an environment that they do not enjoy Do not crowd your room with too many overstimulating, colorful, interesting items that distract students from the learning process. Instill a sense of growing independence and self-responsibility in every student while communicating about everything they do in school to their parents daily via email, text, phone calls, newsletters, and blog posts. Focus on real life learning that people really use like bill paying, financial investment, conflict mediation, small appliance repair, etc Make sure all students are proficient on state assessment tests that cover none of those issues. Be prepared at all times to tackle an intruder with a gun or step into the path ofabullet for every student in your building. Be aware that your job is easy because you get summers off. Make sure you come into your classroom several times over the summer to prepare, make copies, and get things ready for next year Be a superhero But don't be too braggy about it. @fun_fresh_ideas How to be a Teacher in 2019 - Fun, Fresh Ideas

How to be a Teacher in 2019 - Fun, Fresh Ideas