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Ass, Dude, and Fucking: 1. Where the hell do testicles go when you sit on a bicycle? 2 Testicles. They're just weird. How do you not sit on them accidentally all the time? Why are you constantly 'adjusting" them? Why does a mere tap to them incapacitate you? The whole gelting hard thing is weird. Can you feel the blood rushing to your penis? Like it seems weird to have an appendage that you feel the bload rushing to and throbbing. Say my arm, for example. that would be a weird ass feeling to experience. P women its more internal and deep. Our cit tingles and such. But for men its just so extemal and different it seems The dick...bounces. When it's aroused, it will go erect, but then Ill suddenly touch his thigh or take off my shirt and it will bounce up and down like an excited dog and for some reason thats so fascinating to me. I found it pretty funny the first time I saw it 5. Back-stabbing with boners. Why? just get sick of them poking me in the back when Im trying to cuddle with a guy. 6. Why don't guys wipe when they pee? I mean the tip is probably a little wet from pee. Do you just gnore any urine that gets on your underwear? Shaking it can't totally get all the pee off. There's no way I could just shake the pee off of my parts. 7. Having some reason that's just...mind-boggling to me. a stick hanging between their legs. For 8. Haw do you rum with things between your legs? 9. When they put their hands in their pants... Why? I asked my S0 this last night and he just said it was a habit, but I've seen other guys do this before. So weird to me. 10. Recently my girtfriend discovered that if I need to pee when Im pooping I will do it sitting down. his amazed her. She asked her brother if he did. too. She still isn't over the fact that guys pee sitting down when pooping. 11. Why don't you use soap when washing your hands after draining the lizard?I mean..thats just nasty 12. Their fascination with boods. And how they seem to forget that boobs have nerve endings and hurt when you poke or hit them. They aren't bongos. 13. How violently guys greet each other, 14 Spitting! Why do men always spit? It's not like they can't swallow it It's so gross! 15. Why farting and pooping is so damn funmy. Every guy ľve ever known has made some joke about Taking a huge dump.or about Taco Bell burning their butthole. 16. The absolute fucking buffoonery they engage in. I have an idea Let's all punch each other on the arm and see who can tolerate the hardest punch. WHAT? Hey guys, let's jump into a cactus. DA FUQ? yo dude, watch me run my jeep into a brick wall SERIOUSLY. HOW DO YOU ALL LIVE PAST SIX? 17. Their savage and inconsiderate lack of manscaping. When they don't shave, and expect the girl to be shaved. I mean, some hair is okay, but when I'm deep throating you, I don't need your hair in my mouth as well 18. The fact that any time you put a few of them together, action happens in some form or the other. Girts don't do this, butI wish we did. Leave like 5 girls together and we ll talk leave 5 guys, and weird shit happens.It's very entertaining though! SORRY FOR THE LONG POST HERES A POTATO 18 Girls Describe The Weirdest Thing About Guys