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Club, Dogs, and Lgbt: Discord -111 2:25 PM Tweet Love, Noelle @lesbianhamlet 2/25/18 A website like @doesthedogdie but for LGBT characters. Does the gay die? 2 Does the Dog Die @doesthedog...。2d 、 What are some example movies where this happens? Love, Noelle @lesbianhamlet 2d Brokeback Mountain, Atomic Blonde, Bent, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Braveheart, A Single Man, Cloud Atlas, Black Swan, Philadelphia, Rent, Dallas Buyers Club, The Normal Heart, Mulholland Drive, Milk, Holding the Man, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Another Country, Deathtrap Does the Dog Die @doesthedogdie Tweet your reply Discord -111 2:25 PM Tweet oes the Dog Die @doesthedogdie Replying to @lesbianhamlet "Does a LGBT person die?" is an option now on doesthedogdie.com. Thanks for the suggestion! /28/18, 2:17 PM Tweet your reply unicornlamps: curface: omgkalyppso: pennie-dreadful: lukenull: I made a difference in the world! REBLOG TO SAVE YOUR QUEER HEART FROM BREAKING I’ve seen a bunch of people in the notes concerned (like I was) of comparisons of members of the lgbt to dogs: but upon visiting their website I was reassured that they monitor a variety of content, including (but not limited to): THIS IS A GOOD SITE If you guys havent checked out their website yet, I would highly seggust it. They frequently add new triggers to the list of things they track, and in the information is crowdsourced, so you can rest assured that the information they give on movies does not only come from a single corporate source