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Children, Crazy, and Dad: 7 mins When you say something crazy happened to me in Walmart today! A million different things come to mind but what happened to me and my daughter I think will change many lives in years to come. I was in the toy aisle with Chloe and she was trying to decide on what toy to get. And like all children they reach for a toy outside their budget, she only had 20 dollars. She had to decide if shopkins or another toy was what she wanted. But then she saw the "Lil Gem" bike and she plead her case please daddy can l get this bike I will put back my shopkins.' To all you parents out there with kids between 3 and 7 shopkins are a big deal but she wanted this bike. So me being the good husband I am Lol. I call my wife to make sure it is ok to spend the extra $35 to get her the bike. In the meantime on the way back to get the bike it looks like someone bought the one we were looking at so we get the last one they had on a higher shelf. We are on our way to the front of the store and I let Chloe Grace ride the bike up front to go and pay. As usual in our small town you see someone you know in Walmart. We stopped to talk to them and they asked if Chloe was buying the bike. As we are walking to the checkout line two Walmart employees come up to me and Chloe and say 'Sir, wait, wait. This bike is for your daughter, her Secret Santa has just bought her this bike it's yours!!! As you can see the bike had a bow and was the same bike we were about to buy. Me and Chloe had no idea what to say, the guy in Walmart said It's yours you don't need a receipt if you have a problem tell them to come get Patrick. So off we go Chloe Grace and I to put her new bike in our car she doesn't realize what really happened but she tells me'I was like trying to hold back my tears I was so excited' This was when this kind gesture got me right in my heart and has inspired me to give back over this next year I have a plan to give this feeling to at least ten other people. I will try to do it every year tilll am gone to help me remember my little girls face and expression when she got her first new bike from the nicest stranger we never meet!! I would like to thank that stranger for my Little Gem for her Lil Gem the name of her bike. <p>Dad Buys A Bike For His Daughter. But Then The Store Clerk Stunned Him When He Said This.</p>

Dad Buys A Bike For His Daughter. But Then The Store Clerk Stunned Him When He Said This.