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Doctor, Sorry, and The Incredibles: can-i-please-kiss-you-if-i: moments ofweakness: wishfulthinkingoutloud: amaya-krb: sarcastictoad: guitargirlwhowritessillysongs: This girl was secretly a Super like the Incredibles. Her power was Babysitting. Headcanon Accepted. l have this headcanon that after they wiped her memory of Jack Jack's episode Rick Dicker decided to train her to become a special babysitter for supers because for all the chaos in the room and how frazzled she was in the end, Kari still kept the situation relatively under control. KARI WAS THE FIRST S H.I.E.LD AGENT Kari trained Phil Coulson. That's why he's so damn good at handling the Avengers. AldenRants 20-50 @reasons.to.breathe @notexactlyuseless & @qt.cmb_ asked me to rant about online purchases that don't look like the picture! (โ—กโ€ฟโ—กโœฟ).........(ส˜โ€ฟส˜โœฟ) OH BOY I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE CATFISHED BY AN INANIMATE OBJECT!!!! I HAVE A STRENUOUS ENOUGH OF A TIME JUST DECIDING IF THE STUFF I WANT TO BUY AT THE STORE I'M AT IIIIIIIIIIN PERSON IS EVEN WORTH BUYING! I DON'T NEED THIS ADDED THREAT THAT WHAT I'M BUYING AIN'T EVEN REALLYYYY WHAT I'M BUYING! ANyone who's said "photos never lie" have CLEARLY never had to deal with this online dilemma! IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY PICTURES AT VARIOUS ANGLES THAT PLUSH MARIO DOLL HAS ON ITS PAGE IT COULD STILL ARRIVE LOOKING LIKE GHANDI IN OVERALLS! YOUR DOCTOR WHO PEN REPLICA? Awwww daaaang NOTHING MORE THAN A PLASTIC FLASHLIGHT WITH SOME STICKERS! THAT FLAT SCREEN TV YOU JUST GOT FOR A REALLLL STEAL?? OOPS SORRY BUD, LOOKS LIKE YOU ONLY BOUGHT THE -BOX- FOR A FLAT SCREEN HONEST MISTAKE BUT YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN, IT WAS IN THE ESSAY-LENGTH DESCRIPTION AFTER ALL!!!!!

AldenRants 20-50 @reasons.to.breathe @notexactlyuseless

Bae, Target, and Tumblr: bubblegumbottom: Um Ghandi who?! MLK who?! Justin is a woke bae!!!!

bubblegumbottom: Um Ghandi who?! MLK who?! Justin is a woke bae!!!!