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Being Alone, Fail, and Memes: MILLICNA THERE'S NOTHING LIKE BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR. Sh*t people don't know about being an entrepreneur: ✔️It’s lonely at times⏳ Loneliness is an occupational hazard for entrepreneurs. ✔️You’ll need unwavering focus. When you don’t have a boss or company tracking your progress, it’s easy to lose focus. Your freedom to do whatever you decide with your time will backfire if you don’t stick to a schedule and plan. Today, things like social media notifications can lead you down time-wasting rabbit holes. ✔️The income can be sporadic. Entrepreneurship provides the opportunity to earn significant income, but that income can be inconsistent. You quickly learn the value of an emergency fund. It takes time to build a steady customer base. Until then, be prepared for the highs and lows. ✔️You have to steer clear of time-wasting activities. We live in the information age, which has brought on information overload for many entrepreneurs. We see something that works, and we want to try it for our business. To make progress in your business, you have to focus your time on what will help your business where you are. ✔️You can’t do it all alone. Running a business involves many moving parts. As you start out, you can manage them on your own. Eventually, there’s so much to manage that you can't focus on things that will help your business grow. Today virtual assistants and freelancers can take on some of the load so you can focus on growing your business. ✔️Get your sh*t together or fail.