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Fresh, Ken, and Love: We're oontractually obligated to lat you know every time the Banana Bunker is featured on our ste.httpo/gr.pn/1NeSOlt Like 2,588 people like this You know what that looks Ike dont you haha. Like a sound investment, Ken! 3 minut 3g My friend said her banana was too curvyis this the only shape it comes in? is it a flexible container? Hahal Groupon The soft plastic reservoir, located in the midcle is able to expand and twist to suit all bananas Thanks for asking What if our bananas are to big?? I can imagine the face on the teachers when my child puls this out of his lunch bag 7 ho mago. Edted Lke 310 Reply That face of an education professional who is happy to see their student is eating well and also taking responsible steps to make sure that their snack fruits are as fresh and unbruised as they were when picked in South or Central What is the effective rate when used correctly 8 hours ago uke山11 nephy 99.9% banana protection, of course! No one can be perfect hours ago Like 6 999% reliable? But what is the plan b? Plan B for Plan Banana for long) is that you risk axposing your banana to the elements. Any responsible snack fruit fan knows better than that. And to think I've been unprotected this whole hour ago Lie 0-Reply Groupon It's never too late to start, Courtney! This has got to be an early April fools joke!! hours ag Like 15 Raply No chance, Heather! Protection is no joke (for your bananal s this ribbed for the bananas pleasure? That's a complicated question, Heather Bananas dont exactly feel" Ske we humans do, but our scientists estimate that they heaviy anjay the comfort of the banana bunker Rbbed for her.., NM hours ag Like 13 Rply -.more sizeable bananas! hours ago e 51 Danica Overly ribbed! Looks painful hours ago e 26 Reply Sorry for any confusion! You' remove that part ot the bunker (as well as the skin of the banana) Looks like it has double duty to ma Yescan also be used tor smal cucumbers or very wide carrots hours ago Le s that a Banana Bunker in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Groupon Why not both?: A well-protected snack is a good present for a great friend. 9 hours ago Lik 6-Roply We just checked, and it tastes like plastic 0 Lke 79 Tricia So does this banana bunker only house one banana or can you put two slim bananas in Groupon C It just depends on what size and type of banana, Tricial Latundan bananas are an excellent example of a smaller,but equally delicious always worried about the size of the banana it's the quality not the quantity that counts right groupon! Some think two is better than one. These comments have me WEAK hours ago Like 56 Reply Groupon Sounds like you could use some more Potassium in your diet! 7 hours ago Like 244 Ryneu 7 hours ago Like 4 I love you, Groupon employee 7 hours ago Like 61 srsfunny:This Employee From Groupon Is A Genius

srsfunny:This Employee From Groupon Is A Genius