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Anon calls someone a cunt: Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)17:23:39 No.29341721 z 29342124 29342754 29342930 29343834 2934 4045 29350357 2935 3348 29353789 29354018 29354115 2935 9942 File WOW gif 64 KB. 500x200) onna base in Australia in 20XX omw to vehicle bays at like 0500 for first parade gotta walk in 2's 3's so i'm w/battle buddy, I was right marker, which means l have to salute any rank, greet anyone NCO walks past us. etc in the dark see some dude in strange uniform, looks ceremo hard to tell not first light yet think to myself "lolwhatever he's probably some PNG guy here being trained or sumfin as we get closer I decide l had better greet him incase an NCO see's me being a jack cunt and doing the wrong thing "gday cunt howsitgoing? before he can reply, I shoot back a quick yeah fucking top stuff mate, have a good one o try and get it over and done with quickly after dismissal at the end of the day I get a Charge/Disciplinary action form handed to me sergeant screaming down my throat for a solid 45 minutes, RSM Calls me to his office turns out he wasn't a PNG dude gday cunt how Sitgoing he was a 4 star General from American Army here on joint ex preparation mfW called a foreign general "Cunt" and then turned my back to him and walked away my asshole was stuffed with countless pineapples from the rank for the rest of the month Anonymous 03/22/16 (Tue)17:40:43 No.29341802 29341332 Spoopy O Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue) 18:59:30 No.29342124 29342332 File 1456192415370 pn 807 KB, 982x980 29341721 have a good one! yaan fuaking IBB Holy fuck nigger stuff mate Anonymous 03/23/16(Wed)22:12:53 No.29354115 File: 1453562056063 jpg 22 KB, 340x340 29341721 You are an inspiration to ausfags everywhere. Anonymous 03/23/16(Wed)18:38:31 No.29353343 LATER jesus christ lus 03/23/16(Wed)02:29:51 No.29344045 File yellow guy affin pg (162 KB, 1462X1462) 4 star General from American Army 29341721 Disciplinary action Anon calls someone a cunt