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Anaconda, Crime, and Future: LAD BIBLE UCA PO Box 28 Customer Contact Centre GL52 3ZA Re: Application to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Dear applicant Thank you for your application to the above University. After careful consideration, we're sorry to inform you that you have not been successtul. The reason being that Hogwarts School of wiechcraft and Wizardry is fctional, and a igment of J. K Rowling's imagination. We really did appreciate your letter, specifically the part regarding your "impressive wand skills" and the fact that you had been "shouting Wingardium Leviosa at pigeons in your local city centre. However it is probably important to note that the only reason they began to levitate was because they a) have wings and b) were temified The aurors here at UCAS were also shocked to hear that you had abandoned your A Level revision in order to watch the movies 100 times over. We would advise that in future you should check whether or not the university you're applying for is actually real before giving up on your A Levels completely Also, as much as we appreciate the forward-thinking of "collecting hundreds of frogs from the local pond" so that you can use them for spell practice-we would advise taking them back to their home. Other people may see this as a Sinus crime You're dlearly a very creative person (probably a Huffleput), so it may be worth applying for a drama-related course, or possible script writing. through Clearing There's always spaces, so we're sure you can Stytherin We wish you the best of luck. Got rejected from Hogwarts George Brown Don't worry if you're results weren't great, this lad just got rejected from Hogwarts 😂😂