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Dancing, Future, and Time: WAKEY COM23- SPEECH ASSIGNMENT STUDENT LEA in a public speaking context and persona with the class on the theme "My passion is.and include writing, a sport, traveling, dancing. volunteering taik about your passion in three separate areas: How you developed the passion where you are from It could be anything- ing, something, fishing, cooking, etc. you do with it today and how you see it changing or continuing in the future speech should have three distinct parts. An attention grabbing introduction, a b。dy in which you talk about your past, present and future with your passion, and a conclusion that leaves us with interesting to think about - At the time of your presentation, you must turn in a (brief) typed outline of your presentati on The outline should follow MLA guidelines and the format described below the forma t described belowou OUTLINE FORMAT A INTRODUCTION I BODY A MAIN POINT 1: How you developed the passion B. MAIN POINT 2: What you do with it today C. MAIN POINT 3: How you see it changing or continuing in the future I CONCLUSION TIPS FOR SUCCESS . F Practice, Practice, Practice. Take the time to bec e familiar with what you are going to say becom ocus on delivery. Avoid reading to us or memorizing your speech Formulate some sort of introduction to b statement "That's all I've Got is NOT acceptable. And do not begin your egin your speec your s h and leave with a BRIEF concly ble. And do not everybody." speech VALUATION CRITERIA: s speech is worth up to 50 points. Your grade i1 Organization and Introdu