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Memes, Rogue, and 🤖: The 3rd poster revealed Rogue Cap and Nat though...

The 3rd poster revealed Rogue Cap and Nat though...

Anime, Broly, and Dragonball: GOKUIS TENSE BACKSIGNIFIES THAT SOMETHING SURPRISING&TERRIBLE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!! com/OBZexclusives V-JUMP MAGAZINE FB.com/DBZexclusives GOKU'S TENSE BACK SIGNIFIES THAT SOMETHING SURPRISING & TERRIBLE IS GOING TO HAPPEN. . In June , Dragon Ball Super animation studio, Toei Animation, released a new poster of Goku. It was a picture of his back, with fiery red steam being given off from him. We wondered what this could have meant. Was it a new transformation or if it was simply just a promo for the Tournament of Power since it the poster had the words “the work-technique of the gods reaches completion…the Tournament of Power finally begins.” . According to Shuisesha’s V-Jump magazine, there is a significance to Goku’s tense back. The visual signifies a surprising and terrible event will occur. What is this terrible event? At this point it’s completely unknown. . In the current Dragon Ball Super opening, we do see Goku standing in a shroud of red aura. Fans may believe this fiery red aura or steaming Goku may be a new transformation. There are also some theories about an evil coming out of Goku since the other universes have painted Goku as a villain. Both potential outcomes are unconfirmed at this point in time, but it surely is exciting and we can’t wait to see what new secret Dragon Ball Super has in-store for us! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ dbz dragonball dbzmemes dragonballsuper cosplay comics goku supersaiyangod onepunchman broly anime manga superman dragonballz vegeta trunks naruto hot supersaiyan beerus gohan superhero androids movie trailer zamasu like4lik bardock saiyan vegito