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Funny, Boy, and Via: Oooh boy. via /r/funny https://ift.tt/2Bi1oaZ

Oooh boy. via /r/funny https://ift.tt/2Bi1oaZ

Cute, Nerd, and Yeah: fanboyingduringteatime stephendann spookyhella casually call people "human" to unsettle them and make them question what sort of being you are re psychoanalyze me#and i turned on him and hissed dont presume patably baffled and terrified an wa and i felt powerful and celestial ll was well Oooh! I have done this a few times One of my favorites is when a religious converter type comes up to me when I'm sitting around. Because they usually have a cold open like "The Lord has called me to you" replying with "Indeed He Has My Child, for He is Pleased With Your Work, and wishes you to know that you are known to Him". Throw inflections into the wrong points in words, but do it with a very calming presence. After all, you're the SMS from the afterlife, you're merely the vessel of the vassal, and nothing scuttles their plans faster than trying to have to process that this very calmly spoken person who InflEcts their words JuiSSSSt quite not riGHt is acknowleding them in an uncomforting way Once they leave, watch them until something blocks the line of site, and then move like lightning to not be there when they glance back. (This is why there are probably some really good rumours in Adelaide about me) I remember this guy once who tried to dare me (the nerd of the group) to do something or another to prove my "manliness" I calmly replied "How cute of you to think I'm human..." and kept walking He stared at me in confusion and when I was several meters away I heard him say "yeah...good point." Social Interaction 401

Social Interaction 401