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Doe, God, and Omg: thoroughlymelinated: spoonmeb: desired-doe: caliphorniaqueen: livinginhislap: dirtbaglady: flyandfamousblackgirls: Proud androgynous cis woman, Ari Fitz gives her traumatizing dangerous experience when she was almost attacked by 6 men who assumed she was trans. Trigger Warning: Maybe sensitive for some people to watch. Ughhhhh!! I had a similar experience 2 or 3 years ago. I was bald at the time and 2 Jamaican men saw me walking through the Bronx. I had to run. This happened to my sister’s friend but she was actually assaulted going into a women’s restroom. What is wrong with men!!!!! This type of shit is exactly why you can’t focus on one issue without confronting the things that it intersects with, because they all go hand in hand. This is transphobia/misogyny, homophobia, misogynoir and hyper-masculinity all at one time, omg I think this is why you cannot remove race from issues of gender and gender rep. I have had white cis gay dudes grab my breasts hard, like yanking on them to see if I was trans as if chest tissue isn’t attached to your body period. I think this a very unique experience for black women, trans and cis, because our femininity is called into question no matter what. I mean misgendering black women is a very common thing. this has happened to me, it is never fun. i always get nervous when pl in stores/eateries call me sir because ppl take it as an invitation to confirm their suspicions or get violent. but i’m also like 5 feet of repressed anger issues so god help whoever steps to me in these streets