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Memes, 🤖, and The Forest: Dog in cardboard cutout @Drsmashlove Now a lot of u men like "aye smash I think I'm giving my girl that good dick but how do I know". There's a lot of ways to tell. Do she sext u when she drunk? That mean u doing it right. Do she scream in tongues like she possessed by the devil when u hit it? Then u doing it right. Do she stalk u? Then u definitely doing it right 😀. But there is an easier test I like to call the TupperWare Test. The TupperWare Test is simple Bruh. If she just show up and hand u that TupperWare with two dozen soft, chewy chocolate chip salted caramel cookies like "hey, I baked - so I thought you'd like these", nah. Hell nah. This wasn't an afterthought. She baked FOR YOU Bruh. She reminisced on getting that good dick and said "this man has delivered that good dick so imma deliver some baked goods." This dates back to the caveman, as I quote from Sir Richard Hamilton's seminal book on the caveman, "The Way of the Cave Human" from 1853 and I quote: "After the caveman doth administered a robust bout of sexual intercourse with his cave maiden whereupon she hath released an abundance of vaginal secretions and abandoned her senses to the point where she hath grunted to the caveman that he hath penetrated her so thoroughly that he hath become her father when indeed he were only her husband, the caveman retired to the forest to select a deer upon which to dine with his cave family, and, upon his return to the cave, discovered that his cave maiden hath baked him a dozen wheat biscuits sweetened with wildflower nectar upon a homemade hearth she had fashioned from a hollow stone and fire." <- I just made this up lol but the point is that since time immemorial, if u give her that good dick Bruh she gon bake for u. So THAT'S how u know u hit it right. Ya get me! Bless up 😍😂😂😂