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shooter: @ryanlcooper 29m ryan cooper extremely 2019: school active shooter which scare the piss out of students and, lets be real, are 100 percent worthless safety-wise, are now a big and growing industry When Active-Shooter Drills Scare the Children They Hope to Protect As fears about mass shootings rise, school preparedness programs include some "completely stupid" scare tactics, child trauma experts s... nytimes.com 9 4 tl39 86 ryan cooper @ryanlcooper Following a bunch of ex-cop and ex-military oafs are making BANK giving kids PTSD on an industrial scale. capitalism: it's good Nearly every American public school now conducts lockdown drills -96 percent in 2015 and 2016 - according to the Education Department's National Center for Education Statistics. Law enforcement officials and many school administrators say they are crucial for preparing and safeguarding students, but methods vary widely and now include drills that child trauma experts say do little more than terrify already anxious children. "A whole new cottage industry has emerged where people who don't know anything about kids are jumping in and adapting protocols for groups like police officers or people preparing for combat," said Bruce D. Perry, founder of the ChildTrauma Academy, whose clinical team assists maltreated and traumatized children through counseling, research and education. As a result, Dr. Perry said in an interview, "The number of developmentally uninformed, child- uninformed and completely stupid ideas is mind-numbing."