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4chan, 9gag, and Community: The Evolutionary History of Memes by The Institute of Meme Research www.instituteofmemeresearch.weeblv.com The Stone Age The first half of the internet's existence was spent with relatively simple memes such as dancing baby 4chan The founding of 4chan in 2003 initiated the creation of memes similar to those we know todav Image Based Memes Websites like 9gag and iFunny began to steal image based memes, such as the aliens guy, from 4chan, so 4chan abolish avoided becoming mortal because their community mostly consists of 10-year olds, so they are relatively undesireable ed them. These memes have Tumbir When Tumblr gained popularity, its users also began to steal memes from 4chan and overdo them, creating a kind of mortality for memes. They also began to create memes similar to the ones they stole Montage Parodies Montage parodies were created on Youtube, which were fast paced comedy videos using memes They got stale, and the community underwent a reformation Normie Memes Commentaries Where are memes heading? It's hard to tell what the next big meme will be, but we carn tell by looking at recent patterns that Tumblr will eventually stop stealing 4chan memes, and the Tumblr-born memes will become less similar to 4chan memes by becoming more politically correct. Commentaries have stagnated like montage parodies did before their fall, so it is likely that that community will reform again. It is hard to see a future for image based memes any different than what they are now Normies began to steal stolen memes from Tumbr, creating a definite mortality for memes They too began creating their own memes, such as "Damn Daniel", but these memes are pretty shitty and annoying The MP community began to make commentaries, videos centered around saying that you want to kill yourself every 5 seconds and making short lived memes (some only lasting a few days) out of "cringey" videos. However, scientists expect that these too will become stale soon, and the community will undergo another reformation <p>The Evolutionary History of Memes</p>