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Ass, Crush, and Food: Crush: likes pictures of boys with and without beards Me: RANT BELOW 😤😪 —————————————— iM SO anGRY i went to sleep at like 4am last night bc i couldn't sleep bc it was too hot and yet i woke myself up at 8 and forced myself out of bed and literally rushed to get ready within 5 minutes i didn't even eat breakfast bc for once in my life i wanted to be early to school and i didn't even straighten my hair yoU DONT understand how rare it is for me to go out in public without straight hair so it was in a messy ass bun i looked like a dead ballerina anyWAYS SO my mum drives me to school and i'm like okay where is everyone so i'm just walking around yknow and then i see this girl and shes not in uniform and she's like "aren't you going to the swimming carnival?" and i'm like "what now" and she said "today's the swimming carnival didn't you know" and then realisation hit my like a mf tRUCK and i'm like "oMFG" bc i didn't pay to go and everyone said there would be no supervision at school so like wtffffff and i literally get so enraged i call my mum and tell her to come back and take me home bc like i can't stay there so i wait AND WHERE I WAS WAITING WAS NEXT TO THE BELL AND IT RANG TO IM LITERALLY DEAF NOW but anyways so then she comes and i had to walk across the schools halls and go out of the gates without anyone seeing me bc i don't feel like being accused of ditching when like i wasNT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THERE so i go home and now i'm sitting here being really grumpy while my tiny adorable mother is making me food ;-; the end.