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<p>Funny adult memes Adults only humor PMSLweb </p>: Liquid Silicone Dildo Nabm uge Bac A L This Thing Almost Killed My Grandma Ok. First off, THIS THING IS HUGE!!! I didn't realize it when ordering. But When every one left the house one day I decided to give it the old college try. The suction cup works well, I had it stuck to my bedroom door. Ok, so when trying to use this it was really big and awkward. I was trying to back against it slowly letting my butt hole adjust to the massive width. I had my I-Pod Listening to "Eye of the Tiger" trying to get pumped for the whole thing. Well I didn't hear my grandmother come home early and apparently i was making some noise rocking back on this Mega-Dong mounted to the door, and singing along to The Theme Song to Rocky. Well my Grandma comes to investigate and jerks my door open, which snatched the toy out of my butt bringing my sphincter with it. My grandmother Freaks and Slams the Door which POWER DRIVES this thing Up my anus all the way to the base. I'm Screaming in pain, and My grand mother is yelling holding her chest. Next thing I know she collapses. So there I am with a Bleeding, Prolapsed Butt hole and my grandma on the floor. I'm in so much pain and am freaking out worrying that I've killed her. So I crawled over to her and pushed her life alert button to send the paramedics. one of which was a new guy and when I tried explaining the story he literally pissed on himself laughing. Anyway they popped an ammonia capsule and brought my grandmother back. She seems ok but we haven't made eye contact for 2 weeks and my butt is a little worse for wear And when I fart now, it sounds like a Peterbilt 379 releasing its air brakes .com The intemet Scavengers <p>Funny adult memes Adults only humor PMSLweb </p>